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GE ZISS420DMD - Excessive condensation / sweating around rear freezer water inlet


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Dec 28, 2022
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GE ZISS420DMD Side by Side refrigerator. I have a leak detector under the fridge and last week it alerted me to a leak. Pulled the fridge out and found a small amount of water had run down the back of the fridge and tripped the leak detector. The water was coming from the water inlet that feeds the ice maker. There was an excessive amount of condensation build up around this area, but didn't appear to be leaking from the tube or grommet itself, however the previous grommet was quite old and I noticed the water line had a metal insert that looked to be quite corroded. I thought perhaps there may have been a leak, or the corrosion in the old water line perhaps causing too much pressure build up (and therefore causing a leak?). I turned the water supply to the fridge off, and turned off the ice maker. I installed a brand new grommet with fill tube, brand new water line, and brand new clamp. I also used some RTV 102 to seal the grommet upon installation. It is definitely sealed up with no way to leak from the grommet. On the inside of the freezer, I used some permagum around where the tube enters the freezer area to give it a nice seal as well. The fill tube heater is working as expected, and the ice maker is working as expected.

I left the fridge pulled out from the wall overnight so I can keep an eye on it. This morning the freezer is back to its normal temp (0F) and again there is a fair amount of condensation around this same area. Given that the water supply is still off and I'm still getting this condensation, I don't think its a water leak from the water line or grommet.

Other than this, the unit is performing exactly as expected, operates at 0 / 36 and don't have any other issues at all. Evaporator frost pattern looks as expected, unit appears to be defrosting properly. All diagnostics from the control panel pass.

Is it possible the condensation is coming from the screw holes where the metal grommet strap and water supply tube are screwed in? Those screws are definitely a bit rusted. I suppose I could use some RTV around the screws/holes to seal them up, but I would think there's something wrong that's causing this excessive condensation/moisture to occur in this area in the first place.

Any ideas? The areas which are noticeably wet with condensation are boxed in red in the photo.

Thank you!


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