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General Electric Antique Refrigerator Circa 1952-1955 NH-10-HS1 Wiring diagram requested not cooling


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Jan 12, 2017
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I have a old antique general electric refrigerator with freezer door on top, 1950's model looks to be NH-10-HS1. My mom's and has been unplugged for a year. worked before. Now it seems to be powering up, compressor seems to be running and I even think I'm hearing the boiling of refrigerant. didn't cool. in the past I've unplugged and replugged in and it started. Wiring tech sheet is ripped and cannot read. I've looked all over and only thing I can find is someone selling a 1952 general electric refrigerator models manual, but do not know if that will work for my mom's model. I'm giving it one last shot at repair. compressor seems to be running but do not know if there is a metal switch for defrost, or has been removed over the years and possibly updated relay has been put in. Trying to see if I just may have restriction in system, or something i may have missed. it will get really warm after awhile running on walls anyone familiar with these models? icebox ontop compressor below with icebox control behind kickplate, and looks like metal wire for possibly temp in freezer running out of back of cover for icebox part.

I can take photo's later and attach if anyone has an idea of what I'm looking at. I don't have r12 and I don't see a condenser fan either on this unit. I cannot get the lower back off completly looks like it's all part of mount for compressor. Maybe I missed something when I was tearing it apart yesterday.

Anyone with a wire diagram or an idea where to look on this antique that my 92 year old mother refuses me giving up on.


compressor seems to be running. didn't cool.

If the compressor IS running, the wiring is NOT the problem.

If the compressor is running but it is not cooling, there is a refrigeration system problem.


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