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GFD14ESSN0WW GE Front Load Dryer heating element keeps burning out


Mar 26, 2023
Boulder, CO
Model Number
Less than 1 year
Purchased GFD14ESSN0WW 4.3 Cu. Ft. Front Load Vented Electric Dryer this last November (2022)
After less than a month, it stopped heating. GE sent someone out (its under warranty) and replaced the heating element.
Worked for a few weeks or so, same thing.

The heating element has been replaced 3 times now.
Today, it stopped heating again.

Any idea what would be causing the heating element to continue to burn out?
Could it be a thermostat or something? A bad blower fan maybe?

I replaced the entire dryer vent going to the outside - that seems perfectly clear - warm air comes nicely out the vent when the dryer is working. Whole ventilation system from under the dryer all the way to the outside seems extremely clean and completely unobstructed. Its a very short run - just a few feet total. We don't use the dryer that much - maybe 4 loads each weekend. We've even been trying to space them out so we never do more than 2 loads in a day, and let it cool all the way down before doing another load. We clean the dryer lint vent after every load. The area seems perfectly clean.

The back of the dryer does seem to get really hot when its working (currently it doesn't heat at all) I'm not sure how hot it is supposed to get though. I used a grill thermometer, just touching the back of the dryer - the heating element is directly behind that spot, and it said 170+ degrees. Very hot to the touch. It seems like that would be too hot to me - but I'm not sure. The repair person said it just gets that hot.

Can also hear a very quiet, high-pitched chirping sound when the dryer is running.
Also, after the heating element blows, if I run the dryer again, I get error E11 displayed on the front panel.
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This is a newer model I have not had training on or worked on, so you will need to have GE come back out to see what's going on.

I can't locate the service manual for it either.

If GE can't fix it, then they have to replace it.

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