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GFD45ESPM0DG GE dryer - door Error


Jan 8, 2023
Model Number
1-5 years
First time here, so excuse my ignorance. Searched forum for model number and error on GE dryers. Turn dryer on, powers up fine, but when hitting start button "door" error comes on screen. Changed door switch, broke it on my attempt to remove it to recheck wiring. Tried bypassing switch, still same error. Light bulb in drum works properly, on when circuit is broken, button not depressed, off when depressed. Before I order another door switch, door switch harness, and control board, was hoping someone may have some more troubleshooting/possible solutions. Board is almost $200. Thank you all for your time.

Edit: When trying to bypass switch-touching the two white wires together would activate drum light. Thinking I may have a short in the brown and yellow wire. Also, went into diagnostic mode volume, delay, volume, delay, while in idle mode, twist knob to enter different testing modes. t10 is the door switch mode. Reading open door even when closed. With new door switch and bypass.
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Hi, Check the door switch with a multimeter. It should just pop out. Mark the three wires so you can get them back in the right spot. The terminals are marked on the switch, COM = COMmon, NO= Normally Open, NC= Normally Closed. Set your meter to check continuity and put your meter probes on COM and NO. Your meter should show 1 or OL(OPEN LEAD). Push the switch and your meter should read 0 or closed(GOOD CONTINUITY).

Make sure you disconnect power to the machine before accessing it and ohm testing.

Here's the door switch for your model, if needed:
WE4M415 Door Switch

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