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GFW450SPM1DG drain pump runs continuously, cycle pauses


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Nov 30, 2022
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1-5 years
Hi, folks!

Trying to run down a problem with my G.E. The cycle Pauses, the drain pump runs.... and runs... and runs. I have confirmed that it continues to run for at least 5 minutes AFTER the tub is empty. Yes, the pump IS running, and the water is evacuated correctly. No clogs.

After reading a bit onlne, and the service manual, I have replaced the water level sensor, and it did one cycle correctly, now I'm back to square one. I blew through the tube and it does not seem to be obstructed.

I found the service manual online, and tried the the test mode. On my unit it's Temp > Delay Wash, Temp > Delay Wash. When I do that, the display shows 002, and I can't get anything else out of it. No error codes.

I don't understand how to tell the machine to initiate the various test modes.

Can someone offer some pointers on the test modes?

At this point, I'm wondering if something is intermittenly clogging the sensor tube (a floating sock that escaped the inner tub, perhaps?) or if the brain is fried.

Can anyone help me with the diagnostic mode instructions? The manual seems to leave out some steps. It gives me the initial buttons to press for diagnostic mode, but doens't tell me how to select between the various tests.
Here's the parts diagram for your model: GE Washer GFW450SPM1DG Repair Parts

I couldn't locate the exact service manual for this model, you have it? If so, it should explain the test codes you are seeing, mind you that GE is not exactly very easy to discern their codes on their washers. Other brands go into better detail on their codes of what to look for to troubleshoot it.

I've not worked on this model as of yet, hopefully another tech. or member that has can assist you with this.
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The manual I have isn't exactly right. The closest it gets is gfw450spK rather than M. I've attached it here. I extracted the code section from the manual (see attached), and it just doesn't tell me how to get from A to B. Can you offer any insight?

Also, I ran across a thread that describes my symptoms, with a tech bulletin about a pressure port being clogged with "flash". I'm wondering if this might be my problem (though that is a very different model).



  • 31-9261 GE Front Load Washer.pdf
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  • Service Manual Code Guide.pdf
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That's the same service manual I have, but its for a different model, so we can't be 100% positive it will work for your model.

Yours is a front load washer, that tech bulletin is for only the top loaders.

You may want to contact GE at 1-800-432-2737 to have a GE tech. come out to see what's going on, if another tech or member is not able to assist you.
That's the expensive option that I'm trying to avoid. :(

I know the software will be slightly different for different models, but a basic thing like running a test mode shouldn't vary from model to model. That would be dumb on GE's part.

Can you give me any pointers on how to get to the various tests? It does seem to go into test mode following the instructions in the manual I posted, but there is nothing to tell me how to initiate any of the tests once I'm in test mode.
Update. We decided to just give it away, but I took one last look at it. Found the Air Chamber is kaput. It will not pass ANY air. That would give the same symptoms as a dead water level sensor.

I did start another thread on that, but I think this closes the matter.

Thanks for the update.(y)

Good find!

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