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GFW550SSN0WW Ultra fresh GE washer just stopped working


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Mar 24, 2023
Model Number
1-5 years
Model # GFW550SSN0WW

Roughly right at two years old, yesterday it just stopped working. Fills with water, will do a couple slow spins, makes a weird humming noise like it’s struggling & then says End and turns off. It’s showing code 70 for the inverter. I just need help knowing what to do next :/ I’ve got 3 kids, we are a family of five and laundry is starting to pile high. Such an expensive washer to only last 2 years. It’s not under warranty unfortunately. We checked the filter, turned it off on, unplugged, Checked the drains to make sure nothing was plugging the pump.
Yes, code 70 Inverter volt/hertz start up.
--->Inverter volt hertz start up 135 is set 5 times in one cycle.
• Review voltage and frequency at supply line.
• Replace the inverter.

Here's the inverter board for your model, if needed--->Inverter Board WH22X35837

makes a weird humming noise like it’s struggling & then says End and turns off.
Is there water still in the tub when it does that? Can you get it to drain? Or when it drains does it seem to drain way too slow?

If so, you may have something stuck/jammed in the drain pump filter.

Here's the drain pump for your model: https://www.repairclinic.com/PartDetail/Drain-Pump/WH11X29539/4962370

Here's the video to access the drain pump filter:

Hey Jake! Thanks for the reply! It’s definitely draining slowly & then just holding the remainder of water in the tub. We took apart the hoses & checked for anything stuck, cleaned out every ounce of the machine. We took the pump off, cleaned it out, everything 😟 our next guess is maybe the drain pump isn’t working properly. We are going to try to replace that.
Ok, yes let us know how it goes.

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