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GFW550SSN3WW GE Washer Won't spin or agitate


May 8, 2023
Yelm, WA
Model Number
Less than 1 year
Have a GE GFW550SSN3WW front load washing machine that will not agitate or spin. It's been "weird" for quite some time now, it would randomly run what I assume is the motor for no reason sometimes, even while "off".

We also had some issues where the front door would not unlock when a cycle was finished, and sometimes the clothes would still be wet. Basically all of the items on GE's checklist for clogged pump. I did open up the drain on the lower front and there was one small item in the basket but not much. That did not help. It's been unplugged for about 24 hours just so we wouldn't have to hear it running constantly.

I tried scheduling a service but it says there are no technicians available in my area for warranty service. The washing machine was purchased about 8 months ago.

Today after googling and finding this site and an associated troubleshooting PDF for my washing machine I went downstairs to try to put it into field service mode to check codes. I was not able to do so. Here are the steps I took and what happened:
  • Plugged in the machine
  • Turned the washing machine on with the On/Off button
  • Motor noises for a few minutes
  • Heard what sounded like water running (draining sound) for a about 30 seconds
  • All stop
  • Motor started running again with CANCELED on the display, all other LEDs off
  • 1 min later all CANCELED disappeared, motor still running
  • CANCELED came back on ~4 mins later, no other LEDs, motor still running
  • Waited 4 mins, still CANCELED with motor running
  • Unplugged the machine, waited, plugged it back in - CANCELED came up immediately with motor running.
Video attached. I'm not sure what to do at this point. I did try to register with GE but their website is not functioning. Says "Your request cannot be processed at this time" when I attempt to create a user account.

That's odd, sounds like possibly a main control board problem. WH22X35518

Since its still under warranty, I'd call back GE at 1-800-432-2737 and find out what to do when a local authorized servicer is not available in your area.

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