GFWS1700HWW GE Front Loader Leaking


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Sep 14, 2015
El Dorado Hills
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1-5 years
The pump cleanout is leaking on our front loader washer and hoping for some help. The issue started when my wife said the washer wasn't draining all the water out from our clothes. So I drained the cleanout like I always have to fix the issue. I didn't notice it very bad though. A little hair but no coins etc. Then I wiped clean the gasket area when you open the door which seemed to have more in it then the cleanout. When I started the washer again then the cleanout was leaking onto the floor. It visibly looks like it's coming from inbetween the threads of the cleanout screw thing as though it's not tightened enough (which it most certainly is). It doesn't look like's it's leaking from the top or botttom but right from the area as if it's not sealing good when screwed in. I tried wiping clean the threads on the cleanout screw thing as well as the female end of it. I inspect what I can easily see for cracks. Nothing. It all looks good and so does the rubber o-right thing attached to the cleanout screw. The only thing that could possibly be weird is that the cleanout screw (sorry, don't know the term... maybe cleanout filter?) itself seems to spin as though it's 2 pieces? But it doesn't seem to break apart but I can see how water could get out from there maybe?

When I run the plain "rinse and spin" cycle it doesn't leak. When I run a wash cycle then it leaks instantly through each part of the cycle I believe.

Any ideas? I don't have a stand for the washer so it's hard to see under there for much better inspection. I haven't removed any plates or anything to check either as I didn't see the need when it seems to be coming from that filter screw thing.



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Aug 24, 2004
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