• ** REMEMBER! **The microwave can still shock you even unplugged!!

    ALWAYS discharge the high-voltage capacitor first if you even think your hands will come close to any HIGH VOLTAGE components.

    Jeff mentions this: Anything in the high voltage ( magnetron, capacitor, diode, wires to and from ):
    ...Use a metal ( not the shiny chrome type ) screw driver with a insulated handle to short across ( touch both at the same time ) the terminals of the high voltage capacitor to discharge it.

    From Jeff's site: http://www.applianceaid.com/component-testing.php

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GH5184XP Whirlpool microwave inverter keeps blowing


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May 21, 2022
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More than 10 years
Hi all, I am reaching out for suggestions on finding the problem with my microwave.

It is a Whirlpool Model GH5184XP. Here is the rundown on what happened.

1. One day microwave made sparking sounds and shut off with error code F7. Found out that the insulation on the white wire running around the corner of HV diode (blue arrow in pic) is completely gone and I could see sparks between wire and diode terminal. And the wire is running much tighter around diode than shown in the pic. Insulated the wire and microwave started working again for about 4 months.
2. Again heard sparks one day when I turned it on and it shutoff. Opened up and found that sparks are coming from damaged varistor (red arrow in pic). Replaced it with brand new component and it also burnt up on first try.
3. So, I found a schematic of board which shows it as OPEN component. Attached it here for reference. I looked up everywhere on the board for signs of damage, tested a few components but couldn’t find any clue. Thought something on inverter must be causing excessive voltage across varistor. So, I went ahead and bought another inverter board and installed it. Same varistor on new board blew up again.

There are two wires coming into board for AC supply which tested well when powered up. And only two wires that go to magnetron. When I tested magnetron for resistance from terminals to chassis and between them, everything looked good. Also visually inspected magnetron after taking it off microwave and it looked like new.

Now I am clueless as to what could be the problem. Any suggestions?


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Rick has been out sick since Jan.12th with a serious illness, we are hoping and praying for a speedy recovery! He is very good with microwaves and I am not unfortunately.

But you can go here and they can likely assist you:



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