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FIXED GHWN4250D1WW GE Top load washer - load noise during agitation, tub move L-R/R-L violently.

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Nov 27, 2006
Atlanta, GA
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Recently, this GE Top loader washer, GHWN4250D1WW, began making really loud noises during the agitation cycle.

I pulled the front panel off and ran the unit. During the agitation cycle the whole drum and motor assembly repeatedly rotates to the left and then right. It Looks to me like the motor reverses direction every 2-3 seconds to move the agitator in opposite direction. This makes a loud "chuck" noise each time it moves. Pretty wild to watch. Clearly something is wrong

I suspect both both suspension rods are probably shot. Is there anything else I should be looking at?
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Just watched this video and discovered the are 4 suspension rods, not 2. The diagram on searsparts only shows 2.

I'll go back tomorrow and check the back rods as the front ones seemed fine.

I'll also shoot a video of the thrashing movement.

Here's the link to the parts diagram:


It appears the front rods and rear rods are different, which explains the price difference.
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It sounds more like a mode shifter problem.

To check the mode shifter, first start the washer. Then when the washer starts agitating, look at the tub from the outside. If the whole inside tub is turning back and forth while in agitate, the mode shifter is bad.

Here's the Mode Shifter assembly for your model you can order(Video Included):
WH38X10019 Shaft & Tube Asm

You will also need the spanner wrench to replace it: GE WX5X1325 Spanner Wrench

Sounds good, let us know how it goes!

Yes, I saw the video.:)

Did you replace the Mode Shifter assembly yet?

Excellent, good job.:)

Thanks for the update!

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