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GI1500XBH0 Whirlpool under counter ice maker trouble


Mar 30, 2020
Model Number
More than 10 years
Have a question on an older model under counter ice maker I acquired 3rd party recently so I don't know the exact age. I set it up in my washroom and split my cold water line for my washer to the ice maker with an in-line filter. Everything worked great for 2 months. Then all of a sudden ice was not being made fast enough to keep up with the melting. I investigate and realize the whole compressor, condenser area is extremely hot and the condenser fan is not running. No problem, it probably meant that the condenser fan motor died. I bought a aftermarket generic condenser motor that was compatible with the ice maker. I had to splice the wires as the aftermarket part didn't use the quick connect for the wires. No problem, get it all back together and start the ice maker. The condenser fan comes on during the ice making cycle like it is supposed to. I come back about 10-15 mins later and the condenser fan is not running anymore. So I think no problem maybe it is in harvesting mode where the sheet of ice gets sent to the wire grate to cut cubes. That was not the case though. The compressor was still on, the water pump was still on pushing water over the forming ice on the metal plate so it definitely was not in harvesting mode. I cut off the ice maker and then turn it back on after a few minutes. It dos the exact same thing again.

I play around with and for kicks put a electric fan blowing behind the compressor like a condenser fan would be doing and just let it run and it does form a big block but never goes into harvesting mode to release the ice block to the cutting grid. So eventually the ice gets so big that the water flowing over it starts missing the water basin and hits the drain instead which leads to pump sucking up air eventually. If I remember correctly this sucking air thing probably was going on when it was running fine as well as I remember the noise occasionally but it resolved itself usually. So that means I may have two problems going on.

The condenser fan does work and there is power going to it but it always shuts down prematurely. Without a external fan blowing on the compressor/condenser area the temperature gets so hot that ice rarely gets made or if it gets made it takes hours to do so. If I run the cleaning cycle the machine is supposed to cycle through all components for 5 seconds before cleaning. All components turn on for that 5 seconds including the condenser fan.

The last thing I tried was removing the ice control thermistor that is clipped on the piping below the plate the ice forms on. I was thinking maybe it wasn't working thus I took it off, as the service manual says that it will use a timed approach (20 mins making, 4 mins harvesting) without it on there. I turned it on, the condenser fan still only stayed on just a few minutes, but it did like clockwork release the ice at 20 minutes but it was so thin it obviously probably would take more like 30 mins or longer to make a sufficient block or if the condenser fan was actually working the whole time cooling it might be faster.

One thing once the initial turn on and the condenser fan works upon turning it on after being off for a period of time and then turns off early, it never turns back on no matter what cycles the machine goes through. In fact if I turn it off and then right back on it doesn't work either. It has to sit for a while off or unplugged for the condenser fan to work that brief time. The only exception is turning the cleaning cycle on where it supposed to test everything 5 seconds each. It turns on there no matter how long it has been turned off or unplugged or even if I went straight from On to Cleaning it works that 5 seconds.

I'm starting to think it is the control board malfunction