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GI5SVAXVQ00 Whirlpool Refrigerator - Further help needed ice maker continues to drip.


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Aug 11, 2019
Fort Myers Florida
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Good morning,
I recently purchased the water inlet valve for my whirlpool gold side by side model # GI5SVAXVQ00 after being told that was the reason for continuous drip of water going into the ice maker causing the ice cubes to become one big mess. I installed the new valve and the water is dripping more, now causing a mess in the ice maker and inside the refrigerator from running out the hole ice cubes should be coming from. Please help what’s next?


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Jul 11, 2006
Murray, Utah 84107, United States
Turn the water supply off. If the water drip stops the new water valve is bad. See if you can return it and get a replacement.

Dan O.

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Oct 9, 2004
I'd suggest someone look at the water valve on the house water pipe.

Appliance water fill valves need adequate water pressure to them to close tightly. Often the water valve at the other end of the line (where it attaches to the house plumbing) can be responsible for reduced water pressure to the appliance. That reduced pressure can allow water to seep through the appliance's water valve and result in water getting through even when not powered. Those trickles can cause overfilling of the cube tray or freeze in the icemaker fill tube, eventually building up to a total blockage.

Check to make sure a 'self-piercing' saddle valve was not installed on the house water pipe and the valve only mounted on the side of a vertical pipe or the top of a horizontal pipe. If any type of saddle valve (drill or self-piercing!) is mounted on the underside of a pipe, lime and scale can build up in that valve's aperture partially clogging it and thus reducing flow rate through it, making it a prime suspect.

If yours is mounted on the underside of a house water pipe, I suggest it be changed regardless. Only a drill-type saddle valve should be used (if not a regular plumbing tap) and not mounted on the underside of a pipe.

Also, make sure the water line to the fridge hasn't gotten kinked which could also reduce water pressure to the appliance.

Dan O.
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