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FIXED GI7FVCXWY00 Whirlpool Gold Fridge won't reach temp/ Freezer is fine

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Jun 26, 2018
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I have a whirlpool gold fridge model: GI7FVCXWY00. Two days ago i noticed water in the door shelf on the same side as the ice maker. I noticed there is a drip hole there for this reason. The fridge stopped cooling shortly after that. The freezer has been working fine all along, no issues at all.

1.Fridge portion will only cool down to approximately 45 degrees. (The freezer is running perfectly)
2. Ice maker is struggling to make ice, and its is a bit watering once it actually creates some.

My attempted fixes - neither of whichd id anything:
1. I cleaned out the entire under side of the fridge - no more dust, hair, or anything.
2. I took apart the freezer and access the aluminum coils/ radiator looking things in the back of the freezer. They had a tiny bit of ice buildup on the edges which i melted away.

Please help as I am lost. I am reading it may be the temp sensor, the damper motor, or a few other things.
Do you hear the fan in the refrigerator running? Its near the ice maker, aka Ice Maker Fan.

Here's the tech. data sheet for your model: https://www.dropbox.com/s/n15wpyv2icdxasm/GI7FVCXWY00%20Control%20Board%20Troubleshooting%20Sheet.pdf?dl=0 Run the dignostics and see what happens.

Here's the evaporator fan motor in the refrigerator section for your model:
W10281584 Motor-Evap

Here's the service manual for your model: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rs6q71jvv7xms4w/8178777%20R-109%20Whirlpool%202009%2027_%20French%20Door%20IDI.pdf?dl=0 Page 4-1 start reading there to get access to it.

Let us know how it goes.


I can feel the air coming from the opening on the side of the ice maker, but I'm not sure if I can actually hear the fan. I did take out the entire ice maker last night to make sure there wasn't a clog/ frozen components and everything looked good. I didn't check the fan though.

I'll check when I get back home tonight. It should run pretty consistently, especially if the temp is only 45 and set at 34 correct?
Yes, that fan should be running non-stop.

Ok, I'll check it. I mine as well just order it to save a day on the repair in case it is the issue. I can return if it doesn't fix it anyways. Do you think it could be the temp sensor?
Did you look at the tech. data sheet I gave you the link to above? When you follow the diagnostics it will test that temp sensor and fan motor to see if they pass or fail.

Also volt test the electrical connector to that fan motor, you should read 12 volts DC to it when it should be running.

Sounds good, keep us posted!

Ok, so i ran through the diagnostics. All of the temp sensors passed.

A bunch of other system test ran and they would show pass on most of them, but #23 for the ice box fan motor & ice box air baffle motor wouldn't show pass or fail. It would just show open or closed and fan on or off, similar to #3 (evaporator fan and baffle motor).

However, #23 i could hear some weird noises coming from the ice box, like the fan was struggling to get going, or not functioning properly. I hope this makes sense. LEt me know.
Good job!

Yup, then it sounds like that fan motor is the problem.:)

That's all you should need.:)

Fan seems to be the issue. The old one was not functioning. I'll run it overnight to be sure and check back tomorrow.

Thanks for the help.
Ok, sounds good.

Problem solved. Quite a pain the get the fan in, but its back together and running perfectly. Temped the fridge at 34.0 degrees this morning. Thank you for the help!
Excellent good job, glad to hear the new fan motor fixed it.:)

Thanks for the update!

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