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GIE21GSHFSS GE Refrigerator with no fan


May 23, 2023
We recently purchased a GE GIE21GSHFSS refrigerator. It lost temp a day later, and we had to call a GE repairman. He said this particular model had no fan, and was more suited for use on a boat. He said we had to put a fan behind the fridge, and keep it running to keep it cool. Almost too crazy to believe. Has anyone heard about this?
We purchased it from a scratch and dent dealer, and there are no returns unless a repairman deems it unfixable.
He said this particular model had no fan

That model refrigerator does not have a condenser fan motor. It does have an evaporator (aka freezer) fan motor.

On such models the cabinet radiates the heat away rather than an external condenser with fan. Chest freezers operate on the same principle.

Such models can not be built in or fully enclosed and require space around them to dissipate the heat. The more surrounding space the better. There should be no reason it shouldn't function properly if not enclosed too tightly. As a test, pull it out of its enclosure and see if it functions correctly.

A fan behind is unlikely to help much. Air movement must be across the sides of the cabinet to dissipate the heat for it to function properly.

Dan O.

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