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GLD7708V00BB not starting/water not draining


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Jul 27, 2018
Model Number
Cycle was set to normal with heated dry on. Stopped at some point in the cycle - not sure when as we turned it on before going to bed. Status light on front solid orange and lets out a single beep every minute or so. The lights on the control still showing green on "normal", "heated dry" and start buttons. There was a couple of inches of standing water in the bottom, shop vacced that out.

All the buttons on the control panel respond - beep, light green, etc - when pressed. Status light on front solid orange, still giving the single beep. First tried to do a reset by holding down start for 3 seconds. Nada. Then cut power at the switch (the outlet is on a standard wall power light switch) and then back on. Nope. Threw the breaker on and off. None of these makes the control buttons reset to respond.

To try and troubleshoot the water not draining, checked the fine filter (live in hard water country so has some lime scaling but not horribly blocked). Checked - but did not remove - the sump basket and fished a couple of random non organic bits out of it. Did not see any obvious clogs or backups in the hose. Sink and disposal running fine (hose actually bypasses the disposal it looks like). Also, no significant water in the hose. Don't have an air gap.

And that's about the limit of the troubleshooting that I could come up with based on the owner's manual and a cursory google search.

So I know it has power but won't start. I know it stopped draining. I don't know though if some electric component broke and that interrupted the cycle and caused the water to not drain, or if the water stopped draining because of clog somewhere in the draining "system" caused the wash cycle to stop and is now preventing me from resetting it. Which came first, the chicken or the egg, you know what I mean??

The nice thing is that a dishwasher is not a necessity of life and I have a college kid and high school kid at home to learn all about the phrase "wash and dry by hand" but it would be nice if I didn't have a broken appliance sitting in my kitchen.

Any thoughts?
Thanks for the quick reply Rick!

One more question - what does the console assembly do exactly? Based on a repairclinic video I found it seems like it's just the housing for the electronic components? So the problem is really a mechanical failure as opposed to an electrical one? Just want to make sure I understand.

Thanks again.
It should have the control board and display along with the door switch as an assembly. It's the console assembly. Sears wants $328 for the same part:

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