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GLFH21F8HWB Frigidaire upright freezer inconsistent power


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Jan 28, 2021
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Thanks for providing the forum. Our freezer (Frigidaire/Electrolux GLFH21F8HWB Upright Household Freezer, manufactured 2008) has been working great until recently. About a month ago the display started occasionally showing what looks like a -1 (looks like an H without the left side, not like a temperature reading). When the door was opened, the interior light and fan would flicker on and off and then stay off completely. On closing the door, it would seal normally (suction sound) but the display would show this '-1' and the freezer would not come back on for a while. After some time we would check it and it would be working normally again. This would happen each time the freezer was opened. Then a couple of weeks ago the display indicated there had been a power outage and was coming back up to temperature but the temperature was reading -24 C. When we pressed the alarm reset, the display reset and read -18 C, it's normal temp, and stayed there.
Last week the freezer stopped working altogether with the display showing this consistent -1, or partial H. We have since done the following:

1) Emptied the freezer and turned off power for 24 hours.
2) Removed the inside back panel to check on coil and fan and cleaned the compartment and fan area. All look fine, fan spins when spun manually.
3) Put inside back panel back, turn on power and monitor inside temperature.
- on plugging in the freezer, the display would show 'low temp' and power out. There was no sound from the freezer at this point (no compressor or fan noise). We would leave for a while and eventually it would power up and start cooling as normal. Fan could be heard, all sounds were normal. Left it alone to do it's thing, checked a couple of hours later and it was displaying -23 and that power had been out for x number of hours. At this point the alarm reset was pressed and it displayed -18 C and everything looked fine. We left the freezer for a couple of days and it continued to work normally. However, as soon as the door is opened, the light and fan shut off and do not come on again, and on closing the door the display shows the partial H.
4) Immediately took the panel off after step 3 to check the coils and they look great, all with an even skimcoat of frost. On plugging it back in right away there is no change. If we wait a few hours the display changes again.

Do you think this would be a faulty door switch or control panel, or maybe both - or something else?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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Jul 11, 2006
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