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FIXED GLHS69EHSB0 water dispenser slow


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Nov 3, 2016
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We bought a house in 2014 that had a GLHS69EHSB0 refrigerator with a water dispenser. It's out in the country, and while the water we have is very good, it's also very very hard water. The previous owners had the water supply for the fridge hooked into the unsoftened cold line. When we first bought the house, the nozzle on the fridge's water dispenser was 95% clogged with deposits. I had to use a toothpick and scrape it all out. Since then, the water has been rather slow, filling a glass at exactly 1 cup of water every 30 seconds.

Recently, as part of my effort to fix this, we got a reverse osmosis system in and hooked up to the fridge if for no other reason than at least it won't get worse :) After installing the (pressurized) RO system and replacing the Puresource2 filter with the bypass, the water dispenses at exactly the same rate. The 1/4" copper line to the fridge (and the valve it was hooked to from the supply line) were replaced with 1/4" pex coming from a new valve from softened water, passing into the RO system, and then through more pex to the fridge. Flow rate for the pex line at the fridge is what I would consider "plenty fine."

Since the water is still the same speed with the filter completely removed and an entirely new supply line to the fridge, I can only conclude that the slowdown is somewhere in the fridge.

Where should I begin diagnosing where it is, and how would I go about fixing it once I find it?


Hi stefan,

Its possibly the water inlet valve that is clogged with deposits also causing the low water pressure.

Here's the water inlet valve for your model(Video Incuded):
Frigidaire 242252702 Water Valve

I pulled the valve off and it appears OK in the parts I can see. I suppose I can order another one to see if it helps.

How would I go about checking the entire area around the nozzle where the water comes out?

You only have a water tube line for the water dispenser, I don't know what you mean by nozzle.

Here's the parts diagram for your model: Parts for Frigidaire GLHS69EHSB0: Ice & Water Dispenser Parts

Your water line tube is #1.

Look here also: Parts for Frigidaire GLHS69EHSB0: Shelves Parts

Your water tank is #97 behind the crispers in the refrigerator section, I've seen that also clog up with deposits.

Actually you can disconnect it from below your freezer door and see if you get the same slow water pressure as at the water dispenser.:)

Let us know what you find.

I checked and the water coil seems OK.

Flow below the freezer door is just as bad so I suppose it's not the dispenser. I ordered a new valve, hopefully it'll help. Out of curiosity, can someone with this system let me know how long it takes to fill 1 cup of water from the dispenser for you? It's 30 seconds for me. I have it hooked to a RO system as of a few days ago, but it was 30 seconds before that too.

Ok stefan, sounds good.

Yes, let us know how the new water inlet valve does when you get it replaced.

Water valve came today and I installed it, took about 15 minutes. I timed the water dispensing for a pint glass both before and after.

Before: 64 seconds
After: 22 seconds.

I think we can safely say that was the problem - thanks a ton for the help!!

Yup, that was it.:)

Glad to hear your back in business!

Thanks for the update!


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