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FIXED GNE27JYMNFFS GE Refrigerator - Water Filter "ERR" message


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Oct 24, 2022
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1-5 years
I see others on this forum are having this problem too but my fridge is a little different than others listed. We bought this (GNE27JYMNFFS) fridge from Best Buy in November of 2020. We noticed water wasn't coming out of the dispenser and we're getting an "ERR" message when I press the Filter Status button. I know this unit uses RFID filters so I bought a new XWFE filter, installed it, and held down the Filter Reset button for 3 seconds. I still get the "ERR" message, neither the water dispenser nor ice maker are working.

I see suggestions to replace the RFID reader. Is there anyway to diagnose that before I order the ~$80 part (WR55X35485)? Any other troubleshooting I should try? I see others putting their refrigerators into diagnostic mode but the instructions don't match my button layout (see attachment). Is there a way to totally reset the unit?

PS, I hate this RFID nonsense. Not only are these filters $50, but now the replacement isn't working. I have read how to hack the filters by removing stickers. Maybe I'll try that once I get this other issue fixed


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Unfortunately I could only locate this thread about this issue:

I know this unit uses RFID filters so I bought a new XWFE filter
Where did you buy it from?

Does the original one still work?

The filter was sold directly through Amazon. I suppose it's possible it's counterfeit, but I don't think it's likely. I downloaded the users manual right after I bought the unit. I now notice that that was Rev 3. It didn't refer to XWFE filters, only XWF (and MWF). I now see the user manual is at Rev 5 and now it only refers to XWFE filters. My unit definitely has a RFID reader though as the original filter that came with the unit was an XWFE. Also, I can see the door above the filter housing that holds the reader.

The filter in the fridge had previously been working until it got the "ERR" message.

Like the OP in your linked post, I'm trying to determine what might be wrong before I start ordering parts. Do you know how to get a service manual for my model? It's a little different than the OP's as it refers to XWF filters.
sold directly through Amazon. I suppose it's possible it's counterfeit, but I don't think it's likely
I think it is not OEM, Amazon is not a OEM parts suppler, only dedicated appliance part stores like AppliancePartsPros and RepairClinic is, they only sell OEM PARTS.

And Always has a 365 day warranty on ALL parts.

If you search our forum for amazon suspension rod and spring kits, you will see most everyone that ordered from amazon it did NOT fix it, then when I advised them to get it from AppliancePartsPros or RepairClinic It fixed them all.:)
You were right. Well at least the filter from Amazon didn't work. Wondering if they could expire and this was just an old one? Anyway, I bought a filter directly from GE and it works perfectly. Thanks for the help.
I'm having this same issue.
I bought what sure looks like a new OEM filter from ebay.
It was in a GE box and was shrink wrapped in plastic.
When I replace the filter I get the "Err" message and the dispense does not work.
When i put the old filter back it works fine (other than having 0 life left).
I noticed the old filter has a serial number on it.
The new filter does not.
I also noticed the old filter has some kind of thin electronic "label" on it.
The new filter does not.
Did I unknowingly buy a knock off?
If I buy a $50 filter from Lowes do you think it will it work?

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