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FIXED GNE29GSHDSS GE Refrigerator Freezing Food


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Jun 7, 2023
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6-10 years
My refrigerator was running warm, so I replaced my evaporator fan with an authentic GE Part WR60X26866. The refrigerator cooled down but now my deli and vegetable drawers are freezing my food. What could the issue be now? Did I do something wrong?

Screenshot 2023-06-07 111331.jpg
That's very strange, you're the 2nd person to mention this in as many days:

I've replaced this same evaporator fan motor before and never had this problem.

It wasn't freezing the deli and vegetable drawers with the original evaporator fan motor was it?

Did you buy the part OEM from GE directly? Lots of aftermarket parts can cause this problem.
YES! That is exactly what is happening to mine! It started out one day to the next; the temperature was 38 and then shot up to 59. The old one was working perfectly before it broke down. This happened before so while I was waiting for the new one to arrive, I used the original old part that was still working sporadically. That one froze my food, so I figured it had to do with it being on the fritz. Then I got the new one which I bought direct from GE, no aftermarket, and exactly the same thing happened. The temperature in the panel says it is 42 and the first 2 shelves don't freeze, but the drawers and the doors are freezing everything. I just tried making the freezer a little warmer (had it at 0 and turned it up to 2). I doubt that will make a difference, but I tired.

Quick update: As I said above, I turned up the freezer from 0 to 2, but it did the complete opposite, it went down to -4 and now the top part says it is at 39! Could this be a software issue?
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That is very odd, no I don't think its a software issue or your original evaporator fan motor would of done the same thing.

I'm very puzzled myself. I don't know what else it could be since your original fan motor was working fine till it broke, and made the entire refrigerator section warm.

You can see that exact same evaporator motor fixed these others with no problems too:

We figured out the issue!! I started thinking about why my bottom drawers were freezing but my fridge was saying that the temperature was correct, and it occurred to me that possibly the fan was upside down. So, we took it apart again and lo and behold that was the problem. Somehow, we inadvertently put the fan in incorrectly. Hopefully this fubar we did will help others.
Excellent, glad you found what the issue was.(y)

Thanks for the update!

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