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GSC25C4EYY00 Whirlpool Gold Refrigerator - side by side ice in door - Not Making Ice


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Jun 23, 2014
Orlando, FL
Model Number
I've read some other threads and seemed to have guidance to a model similar to mine, but did not find my model exactly using search. The optics test I read about in another thread indicates I should open the door and look to see what happens with the LED. From everything I can tell - NOTHING happens - no light at all, no blinks or solid. Is the procedure the same for this model and I should see automatically upon opening the freezer door with ice bucket out? Also, I seem unable to find any releases or screws that secure the white cover over the module that I require access to in order to perform the jumper test. Am I missing something simple on its removal? Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Your model has the new style optics. I'm not sure how that particular style optics displays. I can't locate any service information on it.

You should have a tech. data sheet behind your kickplate that should tell you.

Here's your owners manual: http://www.whirlpool.com/digitalassets/MLPDF/User%20Instructions%20-%20W10168325.pdf Page 7 shows 2 styles for this model, one style has optics lights and the other doesn't. If your ice maker has a metal shut-off arm then you don't have the optics.

Feel inside your ice maker tray and see if any ice is in there at all.

Also what position is your ejector arm blade fingers pointing when you are looking at the ice maker from the front? At you? Slightly above you?

It is definitely the optics style with no metal arm. There is no ice in the tray, but I need to check the ejector arm position when I get home tonight.
Ok, yes let me know about the ejector arm position.:)

The fingers (2 fingers each ice slot) appear to be pointing directly up - one set forward 45 degrees the other back 45 degrees.
Ok, I found another thread with your model and some of the wires in the wire harness assembly were severed, look here: FIXED Whirlpool Gold Ice Maker Problem

Check your wiring first to make sure your wiring isn't severed as well, that would cause this problem.

Here's the ice maker for your model below, so does your ejector arm fingers look like this:

WPW10251076 Icemaker

My ejector arms are a little more uniformly facing up, but that is the same unit. All wires which I can inspect are intact. I've tried multiple time to upload pictures, but seemingly with no success. I'll check out the other thread also.
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I've been out of town, but finally got back to this. Your continued assistance would be appreciated.

Ok, the ejector arm fingers look fine.

I just located the service manual for your newer style ice maker, I'm attaching it below. Do the step by step checks/tests to determine the problem.

Another check to determine it its your ice maker or water inlet valve thats bad, manually fill your ice maker tray with water from your kitchen sink using a cup to pour the water into the tray and wait about 90 minutes to see if it dumped the ice, if it does then we know your ice maker is working, so the problem would then be your fill tube is clogged up with an ice blockage or your water inlet valve is bad.

Your model is a completely new design I'm not familiar with as far as the water inlet valves are concerned, looks like on your model you have 2 water inlet valves, but I did find others with a similar issue, and looks like Whirlpool came out with a heater kit fitting to fix this issue if your fill tube is frozen up with ice.

Read this thread here: FIXED No ice production

2 watt heater kit fitting:
Whirlpool W10347267 Fitting



  • Service Flash In-Door Ice Maker.pdf
    1.3 MB · Views: 303
Okay, filled the tray with cup, cubes frozen, but did not dump. Does this automatically mean the icemaker and/or module is bad? I've done what I think is the jumper test to no result including power cycling and taping the icemaker flapper closed waiting and then opening and pulling out jumper wire. I also tried using test hole L and N to test voltage, but got no reading - does this suggest a different issue?
Did you do the ice maker optics test in the service manual I posted?

If so, and your ice maker didn't dump that ice, then your ice maker is the problem.

I couldn't figure out the optics instructions... Maybe I am just missing the obvious, but I didn't understand what SW1 and SW2 were - searched the document and the web trying to figure out, also no "step 15" in the document you posted. Oddly, after my last post, ice dumped. It was about 1 to 3 hours after I initiated the jumper test (though, at time, it appeared nothing happened). I had cycled power with flapper taped shut and jumper sire set, I then waited about 15 seconds and pulled the jumper. Nothing happened. I left the tape in place and resigned for the evening, around 2 hours later, I heard ice dump for the first time since I started this process, and it refilled water in the tray, but never dumped again - still suggest ice maker? Guessing thermostat portion of the module?

Enter diagnostics (Press SW1 and SW2 simultaneously for 3 seconds. Release both buttons when you hear the chime indicator).
Go to step 15.
01 indicates ice bin is full or ice bin is missing.
02 indicates ice bin is present but not full. (You should see a change in state by removing the ice bucket).
If correct, go directly to step 3.
Yup, its definitely your ice maker that's bad.


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