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GSC25C6EYY02 Whirlpool ice maker sensor and off switch


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Mar 13, 2018
Model Number
1-5 years
I have traced my issue to a leak caused by the connector of the feed tube that connects to the back of the box. I believe is the solenoid to open the value to allow water to be pushed up to the ice maker.
I need to replace the tube at $40.
My question is how to I turn off the ice maker for a few days until I get the tube?
I tried the switch on the inside left side of freezer where the ice bucket is located. Is like a little slide and looks like it slides over a light or sensor. But I can’t see the light ever on. I have tried to see the light on while have the flip door tape closed and the 2 switches on the freezer top taped down.
I unplugged the refrigerator for about 10 minutes, I had the switch by the ice bucket in off position, I plugged in the refrigerator and about few minutes later I heard the water valve open to send water up to ice maker. But the switch was in off position. That is concerning to me. I have removed the tube the is cracked but I also turned off the water supply line as I don’t want water all over the floor when the ice maker may cycle thru.
So how can I turn off the ice maker but still get water from refrigerator?