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GSE25HGHBHBB water dispenser problems (GE side by side), using MWF filter

Oct 14, 2018
Model Number
On this GSE25HGHBHBB refrigerator, about 3 years old, I have changed the water filter every 6 months as required. After the latest filter change, the water began coming out slowly in the following fashion: when depressing the water dispenser button, the water comes out slower than on the last filter, and as time passes with the dispenser button pressed, it comes out slower and slower.

I tried replacing the filter with a bypass cap, and found that no water came out of the dispenser at all, and instead a loud rattling noise was heard in the back of the refrigerator, so I put the filter back on.

I see that some postings have suggested the following (1) frozen dispensing tube, (2) broken input valve in the back panel of the refrigerator, (3) broken filter head assembly, (4) changes in the design of the MWF filter affecting its connection with the filter head assembly, (5) low water pressure, (6) defective wall spigot, etc.

What steps should I take to figure out whether, for example, the input valve is broken or the filter head assembly is broken? Why does no water come out when I install a bypass cap? I would have thought that it would make the water come out easily because it doesn't have to go through a filter.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Nothing pulls up for GSE25HGHBHBB, please recheck your model number.

You'll need to pull your refrigerator out from the wall, then un-mount your water inlet valve that your water supply line hooks-up to, then take off the plastic tubing underneath it and try get water from the dispenser to see if water comes out with good pressure from the valve directly, get a container or something to catch the water in.

To get the plastic lines off you just push-in on the ring that holds it in and pull the plastic line out while your pushing that ring in.

Do you have a self piercing valve for the water supply line? Once you pull the refrigerator out from the wall look to see where the water line connects to, most of the time in newer houses there is a normal refrigerator water line valve in the wall right behind the refrigerator.

Same thing happened to me - $200+ later.....

Just wanted to let you know that the same thing happened to me, same model # fridge, and appliance is about the same age. I, too, change out the water filter every six months. We started having sputtering and chattering noises when dispensing water, and the stream lessened down to barely a trickle.

We thought it had to do with the recent noticeable drop in water pressure at the house, but after paying a repairman to come out and diagnose the refrigerator issue, he ended up replacing the filter head assembly WR17X20860 because there is a little plastic notch under the top that can simply break off. Poor design if you ask me, but I hope you'll see this and it will save you some money.

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