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GSE25HSHEHSS in a cold garage refrigerator too cold, freezer freezing up


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Mar 17, 2021
No. CA
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1-5 years
GSE25HSHEHSS that I picked up used about 18 months ago located in my garage, which is probably 40 to 50F.

Temps listed are from the front panel display. Last time I checked with a second thermometer it was pretty close.

Settings are 0F freezer, 37F refrigerator. Refrigerator has been colder according to the LCD display.

<beginning of issues 10 days ago >

I think I over stuffed the freezer and some items may have fallen along the back wall. I suspect this may have impaired the defrost cycle and this combined with cool temps in the garage caused the coils to freeze?

Removed frozen to coolers. tried to warm the back with a heat gun ( not really the best tool) and finally just left the freezer door open for a couple of hours. Near bed time I re-loaded the freezer with the still frozen contents but did not over fill it. Left it powered off over night. In the morning, I turned it back on. Freezer was 15F, Fridge was 35F, and by the end of the day it was 0F / 33F

It seemed to behave for a week or so but the refrigerator temps were dropping again.

The refrigerator has mostly beverages but some butter and cheese from costco that won't be really harmed by freezing, but I'd like to solve this.

This morning freezer temp was 5F and refrigerator was 29F unit was running and the freezer items were "frosty"

again emptied the freezer contents into cooler chests. and now have very old ladies style hair dryer, my mom's from the 60s with a hose warming the freezer side.

Is this unit problematic in a cold garage? or might I have a part or two needing to be replaced?

Any ideas? Things I can test from the "front" of the unit? getting to the back of the unit is challenging due to its location.

tnx in advance
And the ice maker is not hooked up, so no moisture in freezer from ice. Everything in the freezer is vacuum seared or otherwise wrapped.
I might need these. It was taped to the bottom.

Around 245pm I loaded the frozen food back in and powered it back on.

Freezer temp down to 6. Refrigerator at 32.
Does the refrigerator seem to be running all the time? Or not that often?

You can ohm test the thermistors per Shawn's Video below, to see if they are within spec. Pull the refrigerator out from the wall, then you will see a cover on the back exterior wall and under that cover is the motherboard.

Unplug the refrigerator first!

All the thermistors use the exact same part number:
Thermistor WR55X10025

Watch this video, Shawn explains how to test/replace the evaporator thermistor:

Thanks Jake.

Freezer was down to 0F last night by 10pm and was still running. Fridge temp 31.

Not running this morning. Temps the same OF, 31F

Garage temp is 49F

Its hard to say how long it runs as it's in the garage.
Got it! Thanks for letting us know.

Let us know if the refrigerator thermistors ohm test good or not.


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