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GSHF5KGXCCBB GE Refrigerator - 2-sec Delayed Stop on Water Dispenser


Nov 15, 2021
Georgetown, texas
Model Number
6-10 years
1. GE side-by-side refrigerator water dispenser has started to delay shutting off on occasion.
About 1 out of 30 tries, gets the failure to occur. Otherwise operates fine. When failing,
the water continues to run, full stream, for about 2 seconds then shuts off all by itself.

2. Replaced water value unit: no change
3. Inspected Paddle, switch and linkage: no binding
4. Used DMM to monitor voltage on dispenser switch during a failure.
A. Voltage on Switch input of display board = 0.2 Vdc off, +12.4 Vdc on.
B. Observed that the voltage dropped to 0.2 even though the water kept on running for 2 sec in failure mode.
C. Suggests that the switch is operating fine.

5. It seems the control must be something like: the switch signals on/off to display board. Display board sends turn water on or turn water off code to control board. Control board operates water solenoid in accordance with commands.
A. Since, in failure mode, the water always shuts off after 2 sec, the turn water off msg must have gotten through to the control board. If it was not sent or was lost on the way, the control board would never know when to shut it off.
B. I am thinking one of the relays that run the water solenoid must be sticking. For water to be flowing, it must be energized. So when it is un-energized, it remains stuck until the spring overcomes it and closes the relay.

6. All this logic does not sound like any of the relay problems I have had in the past. The constant delay failure time is really puzzling. Could it be something in the control logic. Please let me have any suggestions, as I am loathe to replace a $400 board on an old ref.