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GSQ9669LG Washer making high pitched noise during agitation - whirlpool ultimate care ii


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Mar 7, 2023
Ottawa, ON
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6-10 years
I just replaced the clutch on my washer and another new problem arose, it may have been there before but my wife doesn't remember. I really high pitched noise during agitation. Any ideas?


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What was the original problem to make you change the clutch?

Here's the clutch for your model:
285785 Clutch Assembly

Recheck your clutch installation:

Originally Nothing was agitating or spinning but it would fill and empty, and sound like it was working. After replacing the clutch it starting spinning and agitating but started making this noise. That's the set I used to replace the clutch with
Ok, did you check your motor coupler and see if its worn out(rubber shavings on your floor) or if any of the plastic fingers on it have broken?

Here's the motor coupling for your model:
285753A Motor Coupling

Unplug your washer first, then you can watch this video below and it shows you to how access it and replace it, if needed:

Let us know what you find.
I had originally changed the motor coupler and when that didn't work I replaced the clutch. I just reinstalled the clutch and it is slightly better but still there. It seems to only happen during agitation, not while spinning
Take the agitator off and see if it still makes that noise with NO CLOTHES in it.

If so, then you either didn't install the clutch properly or your transmission is starting to fail too. This is a 2004 or 2005 machine, so parts will start failing just from normal wear and tear at this age.

Here's the gearcase for your model you can order(Video Included in part link):
3360629 Neutral Drain Transmission

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