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GSS25XSRESS GE WR30X28702 ice maker not harvesting


Oct 28, 2019
Model Number
6-10 years
Hello everyone,

I've got a very strange situation here. The electronic ice maker in my GE side-by-side (GSS25XSRESS) stopped harvesting ice and was always presenting with the blinking LED. So I ordered up a new ice maker since most topics stated that if the water valve was working and power was present, the ice maker needs replacement if it doesnt harvest. I had to order the electro-mechanical ice maker (WR30X28702) replacement since GE no longer makes the electronic one with the LED. So I figured I just have an easy swap but that isnt the case.

Odd story begins. When I installed the new ice maker it instantly opened the valve and filled with water when I plugged it in. However over 24 hours later I have frozen cubes in the tray and the rake seems to have moved to the straight up position and stopped. Funny thing is the old ice maker would do the exact same thing. It would fill, rake would move until pointing straight up and then the LED would start blinking. I can manually advance the rake so its not frozen in place.
I cant figure this one out due to the following.

1) Power exists since the rake is moving.
2) Water valve is working since the ice tray fills completely.
3) Freezer temp is below -10 F
4) If I remove the ice maker and manually remove the ice with hot water I can reinstall it and click the rake forward until the valve opens and it fills again. However same issue after fill exists. Rake moves until upright and then stops.

Is it true that the ice maker draws power directly from the mains and therefore as nothing to do with the motherboard? At any rate the motherboard seems OK because refrig/freezer temps and fine and the defrost cycle works. I have seen the defrost heater glow, etc.

Really at a loss here since I cannot figure why this brand new ice maker will not cycle.

Thanks so much in advance for any help!

Lewis R

Premium Member
Oct 26, 2019
Chuckatuck, Va.
Is the I/M overfilling when you cycle it through to start this process. If so, it may be jamming itself up, and perhaps the original I/M was encountering the same issue, overfilling, causing it to jam up during harvest.
No other reason for the I/M to stop after harvest is initiated, as it no longer relies on harvest t-stat to operate the motor after about 5 degrees of rotation.
Heater should be on, to loosen cubes from mold, and perhaps that has stopped working causing a jammed condition, although both I/Ms doing the same thing kinda rules out the heater theory. Heater will cycle on or off along with harvest t-stat being closed or open. Also I/M will not fill unless t/stat is open, not that that would matter in your case, but this is why an I/M,when started empty and at 0 degrees, will many times have to go through two cycles before it fills with water.

Good luck,


Appliance Tech - Admin
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Aug 24, 2004
McMullen Valley, Arizona
Yes, I agree with Lewis.

3) Freezer temp is below -10 F
Your freezer is wayyy to cold.:)

Normal for all freezers is 0 to 10 degrees, Raise the temperature in the freezer section and see if that makes a difference, that ice maker heater may be not be enough heat when its -10 degrees.

Also I just noticed the ice maker part number you posted WR30X28702 is not the correct ice maker for your model.

This one is for your model:
Ice Maker Assembly WR30X10093