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GTD42GASJ2WW GE Dryer with New Igniter and coils won’t heat


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Nov 5, 2021
Model Number
6-10 years
GE dryer won’t heat. I replaced the coils and the igniter. Igniter is working and I can smell gas in the area, but no flame. It did start a small flame then went out, but I cannot get it to catch. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
It might be the gas valve that's faulty. Try reinstalling the split coils again. Don't over tighten the screws. When you press start you should hear a distinct metallic click. The igniter should glow red. Then you should hear another distinct click and the igniter should turn off. Is this what happens?
Thanks for the reply Rick. The igniter will turn on and hold for about 15 seconds and turn off. How much should the stem rise on the solenoid valve? I work with them in my field but these are for water blow downs. I need to take a multimeter to the coils and see what voltage I’m getting too. Does the bushing have to be installed a certain way? Thanks for the help again
or see the stems rise on the solenoids.
If you installed the coils correctly you shouldn't see any stems rise. Both valve stems are inside the coils with a bracket on top. Those are the two metallic clicks you need to hear to let you know the valve is working.

When you press the start button 120 VAC is supplied to the gas valve assembly. That's the first click:
L-split coil C.jpg

Here's the second click:
L-split coil D.jpg

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