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GTDP220EF3WW GE dryer does not start when start button is pressed. If I continue to press the start button it heats but the drum does not turn on.


Oct 23, 2021
New Jersey
Model Number
1-5 years
The dryer does not work when I press the start button. It starts and then shuts when I take my finger off the start button.
When pressing the start button the dryer works and is heating but the drum is not moving.
I tried to test with keeping just one towel and then closing the door and continuing to press the start button. It did heat the drum but the drum did not rotate.


Appliance Tech - Admin
Staff member
Aug 24, 2004
McMullen Valley, Arizona
Hi, Lets first check your belt to make sure it has not broken.

Here's the belt for your model you can order:
Drive Belt WE12M29

There is a video in the belt part link that shows you HOW TO access it. Make sure you disconnect power to your dryer first!

If the belt is good, then the problem is either a faulty belt switch or faulty motor switch if you find no wires shorted or broken.

--->After the motor starts and you release the start switch, power is applied via the belt switch to motor M6, then through the motor switch to M5. Check the belt switch or just jump it out. If the motor switch is the problem, the motor must be replaced.

Here's another member that had this same exact problem and the new belt switch fixed it:

Here's the belt switch for your model you can order:
GE WD21X10261 Interlock Switch

Once you click the part link to the belt switch above, you will see a HOW TO video there to access/replace it. Make sure you unplug the dryer first!

Here's the motor for your model you can order if your belt switch is fine:
WE17X22217 Kit Motor and Pulley

Let us know what you find.