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FIXED GTUP240EM5WW Took off the Heat Deflector on GE Dryer

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Apr 25, 2017
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I noticed a lot of lint behind the heat deflector inside my dryer. (It's called a heat deflector on other GE models, based on videos I found, but I can't confirm if that's what it's called on mine. It's the thin metal piece at the back of the inside.)

There were 3 screws so I took it off. Big mistake. The drum is no longer where it should be and I don't know how to get it back together. It seems like I have to lift up the drum to align the screw holes with whatever is behind the drum. Can I do it this way, or do I have to take the entire dryer apart?

Thank you for your help!!

I was surprised at the amount of lint back there, what a fire hazard.
I'm not sure what piece you're referring to unless it's the heating element housing. Can you take a picture and post it here?
Thanks Rick, I can't post a pic from my mobile, but will do so soon as I get home. Meanwhile, here is a video that helps explain my problem. The part that they are calling the heat deflector is the part that I removed from the inside of the dryer. I took off those 3 screws, but now it seems the drum is not aligned.

This video shows a GE dryer, but this is not the model that I own. I'm having trouble finding information about my model. Come to find out it's no longer being manufactured. I've had it less than 3 years.


I'm not sure what piece you're referring to unless it's the heating element housing. Can you take a picture and post it here?

Hi Rick,

Here is a photo of the problem. I took off the thin metal piece to get at this lint behind it. You can see in the middle of the circle how the 3 screw holes are not aligned with what is behind it.
Thanks, Rick. I was afraid of that.

Do you know if any tips for taking the dryer apart? I can't seem to find any videos online or manuals for this model washer/dryer combo.

Thanks again!
Thank you for your help.

Do you think it's ok to use the washer in the meantime? It's a combo unit with the dryer on top. Should I be worried that the agitation of the washer might shake the dryer and cause further problems?
Looking at the parts diagram it looks like the console needs to come off along with the top panel then the front panel.
Thanks, Rick.

Are you able to tell me where you found the manual? Any information would help.

I would like to try to fix it myself, but I have never done it and can't find info about my model. I found videos for other models, but I don't know how it applies to me. Other videos say to take off the back panel as well.
Here's the service manual: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ciHMfSWNKc0zrTRATvNOoAIz3ya975u8/view?usp=sharing

I noticed they don't give you a lot of info in the manual so here's a helpful tip; Once you get the holes lined up from the rear of the drum use a couple screwdrivers in two of the holes. Then from the inside of the drum hold the screwdriver shafts while you get the one screw in. Push one screwdriver out and hold the other screwdriver shaft and screw in the next screw.
Thanks, Rick, that is a good tip. Luckily I did have help today while I worked on the dryer, so that part was easy. I'm pretty sure I did everything correctly and got it put back together right. Getting the belt back on was tough, as was putting the front panel back on (making sure the drum fit in properly.)

It was nice to vacuum everything out, too. Lots of dust and lint inside.

When I turned it on again, there was a slight burning smell for a few minutes. From what I've read online, that's considered normal due to the dust kicked up when a repair is done. Would you agree with that?

Anyway I wanted to thank you for all your help. It's a nice feeling to be able to fix this myself. Thanks for your time!!
Any dust that lands on the element will burn off and is normal. Glad we could help. One thing worth mentioning; People that take their dryers apart for cleaning and maintenance like to oil things like pulleys and rollers and bearings. That's a big NO NO on a dryer and will cause problems down the road.
Thanks for pointing that out, Rick. I hadn't come across that suggestion to oil things inside, but thank you for pointing out how dangerous that could be! I will remember it.

That reminds me that yesterday I saw one of the dryer's warning stickers that said not to wash or dry clothes with gas or other flammable materials -- another thing that hadn't occurred to me but surprised me when I thought of how dangerous that could be.

Thanks again for everything!
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