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GTW220ACK1WW GE washer Control Board replacement


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Apr 27, 2022
Sarasota fl
Model Number
6-10 years
I installed a new board on my GE washer Board WH22X32357 on my washer model # GTW220** K1 . Im not getting any lights flashing not can i get into Field service mode. But when i re install old board the machine display works.
Any help.

Added complete model number
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We would need the complete model number first.

Here is the main control board for your model:

The programming instructions are in post #5 here:

Hi Jake,
my GE washer model number is GTW220ACK1WW. I ordered the new board from GE. Appliance parts, installed the board but i cant get into the Field service mode which i can get into when servicing washers on my property as i normally do.

Thank you.

Try first to unplug the machine for 5 minutes, then plug it back in and try again.

If it still does not program properly, then it sounds like possibly a defective control board from GE, contact GE and have them send you another one.

I have had this happen with 1 other new boards ordered from GE, I unplugged the machine for 2 minutes but will try for 10 minutes if it works. Hopefully its bad boards.

Thank you.
Ok, let us know how it goes.

I also purchased a WH22X32357 board to replace a failed one on a GE washer. I could not get the board to go into Field Service mode. No LEDs lit on the front even after rotating the knob 7 times with the start button pressed for 10 seconds. Only LED flashing on the back is Z201. It's like it doesn't have firmware loaded. Sent it back and just received another one. Same issue. No LEDs on the front and only Z201 on the back flashing.
FYI The GE Parts website now states the WH22X32357 board is no longer available and has been replaced by WH22X35137 which doesn't exist on their website.
I returned the 2 boards back to GE. as could not get them to work after unplugging the machine for over 10 minutes. I think there's a problem with some of these boards( WH22X32357) which is very common as i also returned another board back to another vender which i purchased with the same issue early this month.
Just wanted to confirm i wasn't the problem.

Thank you.
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