FIXED GTW460ASJ0WW GE Washer Trouble Programming New Control Board


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Jul 14, 2019
San Jose CA
Thank you so much for helping me figure out where to attach the other end of the air hose on my washing machine. I didn't have problems going into field test or even programing the new control board. I did all that correctly. Unfortunately I'm not the one who removed the broken control board. My boyfriend did it without me being able to watch him cuz he did it so quickly. However, I'm the one who had to put it back together. When I asked my boyfriend about the air hose, he didn't know what I was talking about. Your assistance was all I needed to fix my washing machine. I attached the other end of the air hose to the new control board like you advised. Now my washing machine works perfectly. Wish I would have thought to ask you about it sooner. Thank you so much once again! This website is really awesome!