GTW460ASJ5WW GE Appliance washer Shakes like there is no tomorrow!


Apr 9, 2017
Model Number: GTW460ASJ5WW
Brand: GE
Age: Less than 1 year

First of all, I want everyone to know that GE Appliance was sold by GE over 2 years ago. They sold the name also and I suppose we were just supposed to be oK with buying Chinese junk!!

I was a loyal customer of GE for years. Washer and dryer times 3, Range, Dishwasher, microwave, etc. We always loved our GE choices, until now.

Last fall we bought a GE washer and dryer to replace the old ones that were 15 years old. They went in the same spot as the old ones. Very easy install, until they tested it and it shook the house on the spin cycle. I told the install people that it wasnt acceptable and they said the problem was my floor. I had to laugh because the floor had been fine for 23 years of previous washers. So I called their manager and he sent a repair person who told me it was my floor. I then called GE and they sent a repair person who told me it was normal for this model to shake. He said "all the cheap ones do". For the record this washer is the middle of the product line that is basically the replacement of the one we had before it.

Next I called GE and they agreed to escalate the issue to a specialist who promised to send a new repair person and i never heard from her again. She didnt answer her phone or return my emails or voicemails. After 2 months GE contacted me and asked if I was pleased with the resolution of my issue. Apparently someone had closed the problem and said it was fixed. So i offered to take a video and send it to her. She looked at the video and said that was normal for their washers.

I gave up!!!

Until today when i was sitting in the kitchen during the spin cycle and it was just too annoying to sit there any more. So i took another video. If you need a good laugh, take a look at it. Youtube even posted a comment that the video appeared shaky and asked if would like to stabilize it LOL. At least they get it!!.