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GTW485BMM0WS GE Topload Washer Control Programming


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Jan 29, 2019
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1-5 years
Hey guys,

Working on a ge washer, model GTW485BMM0WS. I had to replace the control unit on it as it had failed causing a clicking door lock that would not unlock. The new control unit has fixed the issue and the washer runs, however, the personality is incorrect. So all the cycles are 'mixed up'.

I have followed instructions on programming this unit, however, everytime i follow the steps, it reverts back to the same 'personality' and all the cycles are still mixed up.

Basically, I have followed each step outlined: go to step 17, enter, and adjust to the correct personality. Press and hold the start button until the lights go out and the new personality should be set. However, it does not 'save' the program.

Am i missing something?
I'm afraid your in the same boat as @Matz99 was in, Like @Dan O. said this is a Canadian Only GE washer.

But yours came with instructions correct? But it won't lock in the personality code? To me it sounds like a faulty control board, because they should set and lock in.

I'd contact the place you got it from and them exchange it for another new one.

Hi Jake,

thanks for the reply. My new board did not come with instructions.

It's odd because i was working on another ge toploader, similar model, and i had a spare board with me. I attempted to replace and program it according to the documents i found on one of my supplier's training websites. Same problem. Will not save the code.

I wonder if i may be doing something wrong, but i am following the directions exactly. It makes no sense
I don't know what else to suggest, all I know to do is contact GE Canada and have a Authorized GE tech come out and see what's going on.

Re: GTW485BMM0WS (4.9 cu. ft. washer) "Button Tree". (See link to part #62 for BUTTON START WW01L01703 Official GE Part Fast Shipping PartSelect.ca.pngGTW485BMK1WS Washer below)
Stop/Pause button inverted. Bought a new control board and installed it before realizing it was the "Button Tree" that had failed. Can buy a replacement part but wondering if I should reinstall the original board with the new "Button Tree" without having to program it or do anything else?
The "Button Tree" is very flimsy so should I reinforce it with a metal or strong adhesive tape to prevent failure again?

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