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GTW680BSJ1WS GE Washer - 2 different noises


Apr 16, 2023
Denver, CO
Model Number
6-10 years
Hey there! Washer purchased July of 2016 so it's almost 7 years old.

1. The washer makes noise while getting up to speed. Once it's at speed for the spin, it does so smoothly and without the noise. Agitation also seems perfectly normal/quiet. Spinning the drum by hand doesn't reveal any grinding noise, either. I ordered a belt to replace since that's easy and I was going to be in there doing a visual inspection anyway. I cleaned up the faces of the 2 pulleys and put the new belt on. There was no debris or particles to suggest the plastic on the clutch was wearing. In general, we think certain aspects of the noise are better with the new belt, but not gone. The old belt didn't look too bad, visually.

2. I'm not sure if this one's abnormal. When draining, the pump sounds normal, but it gets loud at the end. I pulled the outlet hose off the pump and didn't feel anything in there. And it seems the noise would be constant if there was. After the draining cycle is when the first noise noted above starts, while it's getting up to speed for the spin. I did find, and listen to, GE's library of washer sounds online, which is a great idea on their part.

I have some video clips attached. Hopefully the phone mic is enough to be heard. Had to shorten the one that has the noise while it's getting up to speed; file was too big.

I can repair, but need help with the diagnosis.
Thanks in advance for any advice!


  • First part of drain cycle_quiet.mp4
    14.2 MB
  • normal agitation_quiet.mp4
    12.6 MB
  • spinning freely.mp4
    12.2 MB
  • end of drain cycle_noisy.mp4
    25.9 MB
  • getting up to speed, noisy_short.mp4
    21.4 MB
Good videos!

Unfortunately, I've not heard those noises on any GE's I've been out on.

Hopefully another tech or member that's heard these noises and fixed them can shed some light on these noise issues.

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