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FIXED GTW680BSJ2WS Not Spinning Clothes Dry


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Feb 8, 2023
dallas tx
Model Number
1-5 years
My top-load washer is running the full cycle, but when it's done the clothes are still wet. I've watched it (glass top) during the spin cycle and it's spinning. I've verified the pressure hose/drill bit check. I made sure my drain hose wasn't clogged and is correctly positioned. I have check that the washer is level and it not overloaded or improperly loaded.
Model: GTW680BSJ2WS Serial: MG112667G
I have looked all through this forum and haven't seen an answer to my issue, so apologies if this is a duplicate.

any help is greatly appreciated.
Is it spinning fast in the final spin? If so, the clothes should be damp but not wet, can you wring water out of the clothes after the final spin cycle?
I think it is spinning fast...I can wring water out of the clothes in the bottom. The ones that end up on top aren't too bad.
I can wring water out of the clothes in the bottom
To me that sounds like the drain pump is not working properly or its semi-clogged.

On all washers, the water must drain within 90 seconds, so it can spin properly in the spin cycle.

So when it drains--->time it with your watch. Also what I do is pull the drain hose up from the standpipe and watch it flow out into the drain pipe, and make sure its draining out with full force.

Here's the Drain Pump for your model, there is a video in the part link to show you how to access it:
WH23X28418 Drain Pump

Make sure you disconnect power to your washer first.
Glad to help, let us know how it goes.
Sorry for the late follow up! I purchased the drain pump you suggested and finally installed it and it works!! thank you very much for the help!
Excellent, glad to hear that the new drain pump fixed it.(y)

Thanks for the update!

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