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FIXED GTW810SSJ0WS GE Washer small puddle on floor, soap dispenser not lines up with catchbasin???

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Thanks knibbeje! and thanks for all the write up you added on doing this job, and service manual on this of how you replaced it.

I hope your GE lasts a long time now!

Maybe we are not out of the woods yet.... AARRGGGHHH!!! I ran several normal loads, no problems.
Put in a heavier load of towels and came back to check and the system had 'paused' itself. No idea why since it was early enough in the cycle that it should not have been spinning or banging yet. I started it, came back a few minutes later it had paused itself again.

I tried to run a rinse and spin cycle and the drum is not moving, pump running, rinsing water coming in but drum not moving. Is there an overload error?

I put it in diagnostic mode and tried to turn on the impeller, a slight wiggle but no movement. Tried spinning the tub in diagnostic mode, no movement at all. No error codes are logged. Powered off and tried again. Still no luck.

The parts are all good. Is there a troubleshooting step for when the washer puts itself in pause by itself and when the stator/rotor stop moving? is it some type of safety or overload lockout?
Despite reset of computer, I'm getting a problem where it stays stuck on 'sensing' on any program I run. I'm thinking the control board is locking the drum because it can't get a proper read on where the rotor position is. Could this be my rotor position sensor (hall sensor?)
In the service manual you posted, look on Page 98 where it says--->Diagnostics From The Board Testing the RPS/Hall Sensor

Here's the RPS/Hall Sensor for your model:

Yay!! SUCCESS again! The RPS sensor was bad. Popped the new one in and the sensing happened correctly and the drum started moving correctly. While under there I believe an additional potential area of rubbing was uncovered. The large 3 blade electrical connector that connects to the stator was angled a bit too much towards the rotor. I rebent those prongs away from the moving rotor and I have no rubbing noises either. How awesome and really hoping we can get another 5 years out of this expensive machine!
Excellent, glad to hear the new RPS/Hall Sensor fixed it, also rebending those prongs away from the moving rotor.(y)

Thanks for the update!

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