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GTWN4000M Clothes Tangled Around Agitator - Affecting Spin Cycle


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Sep 25, 2017
Illinois, United States
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These are all new issues which began occurring a month or so ago. I appreciate any input you have. Thank you for your time.

My GE top-load washer (GTWN4000M) recently began tangling clothes around the agitator. When this happens, it also usually doesn't enter the final spin cycle, so all the clothes are still very wet. At the end of the rinse cycle, I've noticed that the machine will agitate the load while the basin is empty of standing water. I don't know if this is normal or not. After I discover the tangled load, I untangle it and run a drain/spin cycle. It then works fine. The washer doesn't ALWAYS tangle clothes, but it seems that if the clothes are tangled enough, it doesn't enter the spin cycle. If there aren't tangled clothes, it acts normally.

After unloading the spun clothes and closing the lid. The washer thinks there are still clothes in the basin, and continues to agitate them. I'm not sure if it's legitimate agitation - the basin turns back and forth about 45 degrees, which then moves the agitator. (This doesn't seem to be strongly correlated to the clothes tangling...)

In addition, if the load shifts and becomes unbalanced, the basin slams around within the washer when the washer begins to spin to drain.

I'm at a loss where I should start repairs on this machine since there's so much that seems to be going wrong.

It sounds like your mode shifter or motor is bad.

Remove the front panel and check for flashing LED lights (error codes) on the motor first. Then let us know what you find.

Shawn has a good webpage that explains this and what to check for here: HydroWave GE Washer Repair Guide

Here's the motor for your model:
GE WH20X10093 Motor and Inverter Asm

Use a multimeter to ohm test your mode shifter. You should have 98 ohms across the plug for the mode shifter.

Here's the mode shifter for your model:
Mode Shifter WH38X10017


Check your agitator drive bell, it may be stripped causing the clothes to tangle.

To get the agitator off:
I always take off my pants belt and put it under the agitator in the middle and just pull up hard, like a big tug up. Make sure your head is not in the way as it pops up.:)

Here's the agitator drive bell for your model:
GE WH43X10032 Coupling Agitator

Video in part link.

Great! Thanks for the quick reply! Here are some pictures of the agitator drive bell. It doesn't appear to me that it's stripped, but I'll leave the final diagnosis to you. The top part of the agitator is somewhat loose and isn't snug against the lower part. It moves about half a centimeter or so, and below are two pictures showing the movement. I took a short video of it but I need to upload it to youtube and post a link here. Let me know if you think that's necessary. I'll take the front off the washer tomorrow and inspect the motor.





Thanks again!
Ok, I see.

Yes, your agitator bell looks fine and if you can't move it on the gearcase shaft, then its not stripped.

The agitator looks good, It will have a little play in it where the top meets the bottom.

So, now I'd check the motor to see what flashing LED lights (error codes) you get.

Yes, 66 ohms is too low.

What's the likelihood that the mode shifter is all that needs to be replaced to restore normal working function? I'm weighing repair vs replacement.

Thanks again for all your insight.
That should be all you would need. Everything else seems ok.

You're welcome.


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