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GU2200XTSB3 Whirlpool Quiet Partner 3 Stuck on Wash Cycle, Never gets to Dry Cycle.


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Feb 7, 2023
Dania Beach
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More than 10 years
Whirlpool Quiet Partner III
Model # GU2200XTSB3

When I have Pots&Pans or Normal Wash selected, the machine never gets passed the "washing" cycle. Pots&Pans or Normal light is on solid, as is the Heated Dry light, and "Washing" lights up solid once I hit start. (start/resume light stays on solid also)

The machine will run like normal, you can hear it working. No abnormal noises. It does drain when it gets to that point in the cycle. Then it never switches to Drying. If I start a cycle WITHOUT Heated Dry selected, it "completes" the wash and the CLEAN light is on solid after it's done. But of course nothing is dry.

Things I HAVE tested:
Heating Element (has continuity, tests at .12ohms when disconnected)
High Limit Thermistor (has continuity, also test at .12ohms when disconnected)
Inlet water temp from house. Sink gets to ~135* F (sink and dishwasher are less than 15ft from hot water heater).
Water Drain seems to work. Not a ton of flow, but it drains the whole bottom water out of the unit.

In the picture, you see it on "Light" Cycle. I'm testing it right now on this setting, even though I'm expecting the same thing to happen since the Heated Dry seems to be the common denominator. If I pick Glass Express or Rinse Only, since it doesn't utilize Heated Dry, it goes through those cycles fully and says Clean when complete.


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The "Light" Cycle finished. Even with "Heated Dry" selected and the light on, it went straight from "Washing" to "Clean" and finished running. It sat for a good amount of time after it drained before it finally lit up the clean light. Inside is still pretty wet, not pretty dry like normal after heated dry runs successfully.
Hi, Sounds like the main control board causing it, Open the control console and check your main control board.

It's possibly the main control board starting to burn up.

Usually you will notice burnt components on it when you look at it. Turn the breaker off to your dishwasher first, then remove it and check for any burnt spots on it.

Here's the main control board for your model:
Main Control Board WPW10084142

--->There is a video in the main control board part link that shows you how to remove it to check for burnt spots on it.

Look at what another member found with their control board.

16260548572572914723763256412815 (1) (1).jpg
I had already taken the front apart and glanced at the board. Saw nothing obvious. I took it apart again and snapped some pictures in case there is something there I missed. The black mark on the back side, bottom right corner, isn't around anything electronic, so I'm not worried about that. There are 2 other components I circled because they look a little off in the picture, but I believe it's just whatever coating they put over the board that wasn't distributed evenly. No signs of burning or even any corrosion. Are there specific circuits on the board I should check with the multi-meter next? I verified the fuse is still good, but obviously it is since the machine powers on. (I think?)

Anyways, photos:


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Also, I made sure the vent was not clogged or damaged. This model doesn't have a door or flap or a fan or anything I guess. So it just vents as steam is created.


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That microchip(microprocessor) in your first photo that you circled in red looks fairly burnt to me on the top of it. Also the middle component you circled in red looks burnt too. So I'd say the new control board I posted the link to above should fix it.

I'm attaching your data sheet below.

--->P3 to P9 is the heating element power terminals on the control board, you can check for 120 volts between those 2 terminals on the control board, when it should be heating.


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Wanted to thank you for your help so far.

I ordered a used board with a "warranty." Before it came in, I re-installed my original one so that I could test the circuits you told me to. I ran one test cycle prior to doing so, and it went from washing, to drying, and then a completed "Clean" status. Of course it did. I didn't bother testing the circuits since they're working at this point. I've run 3 more loads through on Pots&Pans with Heated Dry. All have worked with no issues. So at least for now, I have a backup board if I end up needing it. I'm going to post pictures below though so you can see the "new" boards condition, as I feel it may be worse than my original lol. You can see the similar black spot in the bottom right corner of the back side. Along with a burnt component, and burn marks on the plastic cover that mine did not have. I thought about trying it to see if it did any better. But I don't really see a point until mine stops working again.


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Also wanted to let you know, I'm at least partially suspicious of my hot water heater being a cause of intermittent issues, if that's what it ends up being. It gets plenty hot, 135 from the sink when I measured it. But it's a small one. So if someone showered before I ran a cycle, or we used a lot of water after dinner cleaning, but before the dishwasher runs, it's possible it doesn't get enough hot water to the dishwasher for it to run properly. Who knows. I'll let you know if it stops working again. Thank you again!
Thanks for the update!

Yes, I see your point about the hot water heater.:)

Yes, let us know if it happens again.
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