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FIXED GUD24ESMJ0WW dryer won't stay on unless start button is held

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Jul 20, 2022
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1-5 years

I have checked the door, start, and belt switches and they all work properly.

I was wondering if it was the centrifugal switch but the dryer heats while it is running so I'm not sure. The mechanism itself is clean and moves with a little effort so it seems ok. Is it possible that the M1/M2 contacts switch properly but the M5/M6 contacts don't? I don't see what else could cause the problem.

The problem has been regular for about six months.
Yesterday it was very hot and the dryer would stay on for about 20 minutes and then it wouldn't turn back on for a little bit. This is the only time it has done this. I imagine it was the overload protector given that it seemed to be resetting as it cooled down.

Are you sure the model number is not GUD24ESSJ0WW ?

The problem is either a faulty belt switch or faulty motor switch if you find no wires shorted or broken.

--->After the motor starts and you release the start switch, power is applied via the belt switch to motor M6, then through the motor switch to M5. Check the belt switch or just jump it out. If the motor switch is the problem, the motor must be replaced.

Here's another member that had this same exact problem and the new belt switch fixed it:

Here's the belt switch:
GE WD21X10261 Interlock Switch

Once you click the part link to the belt switch above, you will see a HOW TO video there to access/replace it. Make sure you unplug the dryer first!

I noticed when I was checking the belt switch yesterday that sometimes the idler arm WE12M50 doesn't sit properly and so doesn't activate the switch. I have reinstalled the drum with the belt and the belt switch is passing current so maybe that was it. When I ring the circuit with the belt switch activated and i move the motor switch by hand everything seems to be working properly.
It does seem more likely that the idler arm was misplaced than only one of the two motor switch contacts not working.

I will report back in a few days once I have had the chance to put everything back together and see if it works.

thanks again
So I have put the dryer back together and it turns out that the problem was indeed with the idler arm. Sometimes the idler arm isn't properly placed and so it doesn't activate the switch. Now that I have put it back into the right spot everything works properly. The attached image shows the part of the arm that I had to check.

thank you for the help.


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Excellent, glad that was all it was.(y)

Thanks for the update!

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