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GUD27ESSMWW GE stacked dryer shutting down mid cycle


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Feb 28, 2019
Model Number
1-5 years
GE Stacked Dryer Spacemaker GUD27ESSMWW.
My first thought when I saw it shutting down after 20 minutes or so was a thermal fuse had gone bad. I tested for continuity and all fuses were ok. It doesn't seem to be associated with heat though. I start it on cold, and after starting and restarting quickly many times I finally get the symptoms pop up again. It will stay off for around a minute and then start back up with the start button. Any ideas? Could it be the control board and how can I test this?
Motor overheating?

I saw it shutting down after 20 minutes... It will stay off for around a minute and then start back up with the start button.
That is a common symptom of a motor failure. The motor can overheat and cut out on its internal overload protector. Once allowed to cool, the protector resets and allows the motor to run again... until it overheats again. The overheating of the motor can happen whether the dryer is heating or not.

Basically, if the motor is getting power but not running, it is the problem. If it is not just plugged up with dust and lint, etc. causing it to overheat, the dryer motor may be defective and need to be replaced.

LINK > GE GUD27ESSMWW Dryer Motor (no picture)

If the motor is not even getting power at the time of failure, the problem would be elsewhere in the machine.

Dan O.
Thank you, Dan O. All of my searches and troubleshooting are leading me there so I’ll have to replace it and hope that’s it.
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