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Heating Problem - Replaced Thermal Cut Off Twice


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Feb 1, 2013
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I'm beyond frustrated by this, so any help anyone could provide would be fantastic.

My dryer stopped working two weeks ago, I quickly determined that it had no heat, so I opened up the back panel and checked the heating element, thermostat and thermal cut off for continuity. The thermal cut off came up infinite while the other two appeared fine, so I bought a replacement thermal cut off and replaced it (the kit came with a thermostat as well, but since my thermostat was functioning I did not replace it).

I tested the dryer and it has heat! Problem solved. But the next morning, the clothes I'd put in was still wet. I checked, and now no heat.

So I opened the panel and again the thermal cut off was the problem on my voltmeter. This time I did a more thorough check and checked the blower wheel, venting, etc. And discovered a huge amount of build up of lint, sand, glitter, and even a nozzle head from a spray bottle jammed in there. So I cleaned all of this fully, put on another replacement thermal cut off, plugged her in . . . and HEAT!

This time, after finding the crazy amounts of blockage, I was certain I'd fixed the problem. But this morning (I did the work last night) . . . no more heat. So once again I've checked for continuity and once again the only problem appears to be the thermal cut off.

Admittedly, I'm a novice in this. I'd never even seen the inside of a dryer until two weeks ago. So it is very likely, I've over looked something or somethings. Any help would be great!

Make sure the heating element is not shorted to ground, make sure the venting system is clean all the way out and the vent hood as well, make sure the lint filter is not clogged up...

LINK> Dryer Lint Filter Tip | Appliance Aid
LINK> Grounded Elements On Electric Dryers | Appliance Aid

Thermal-Cut-Out-Fuse-Kit-279816-00630454.jpg Heating element thermal cut-off (thermal fuse) 309 degrees and high-limit thermostat 250 degrees, with wiring kit Manufacturer Number 279816

Thanks for the quick reply!
I checked the heating element by testing continuity between the heating element and the cabinet and found no continuity. I also visually checked the element and see no signs of damage to the coils (though some of the metal framing that sits between the two layers of coils is black instead of the silver like the rest of the casing). Is there anything else I should do before ruling out a short to ground?

I cleaned the interior side of the vent, but don't have access to a big enough ladder to get on the roof right now, so if there's a blockage up there I don't know yet.

Any other things I should be checking? Thanks.

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