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HELLLLP ! - E1 Error code on GE Profile


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Jun 5, 2005
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Hi. I'm getting an error code on the front panel of my GE Profile Air Conditioner. (Manufactured in 2001, installed in 2002.) The error E1 comes up when you press the power button and the AC doesn't start. The relays click and the fan / compressor does recieve power for a 1/4 second but then it shuts off and flashes E1 on the temprature read out.

I'm at a total loss as to whats wrong with it. Checked the fuse, the ribbon wire that connects to the front circut board, etc. Nothing seems amiss and yet I'm still getting an error code.

GE is NOT helpful nor were any of the techs I've spoken to. They seem to hold the error codes as some kind of damm TOP SECRET and have only offered to make a service call.

Frankly, I cant see spending 200 bucks to have someone come to the house for a unit that only costs around 300 when it was new.

Does anyone know what the E1 error means and how it can be repaired?

--- David T. Raynor, Long Island, NY.
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I hope so. Its getting hot out there. :p

-- David T. Raynor, Long Island, NY
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I have no idea what model# the OP has ( Profile isn't it ) but I found this....

[align=left]“E1” appears
in the display[/align]
[align=left]Filter needs to be cleaned.[/align]
Turn the air conditioner OFF and unplug it.The air conditioner must be unplugged for the automatic filter clean timer to reset. Clean the filter. See the Care and Cleaning section. After cleaning, replace the filter and plug the air conditioner back in.[/align]
[align=left]Hope this helps :)[/align]
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Howdy Jeff.

Unless there is some kind of manual reset for the filter indicator, thats not it either. (If the error is referring to the OUSIDE coils needing to be cleaned, then I'll have to get on a ladder to check them.)

What I DO know, is that from now on I will try to stay away from appliances that have "brains" and just stick with simple ones with basic knob controls.

Like I said, GE itself has NOT been helpful, they won't give me any answers, and hold the error codes like some kind of trade secret.. Even spending evenings searching the web has produced no results.

Other GE appliances seem to indicate that an E-1 is a temprature sensor or control problem.. IF the basic operating software is the same for the AC units, then that might give me a clue on what to check next. I'm going on a best guess because AC and an oven are at extreme ends of the appliance evolutionary scale.

( Oven = Fire goooood. AC = Ayyyyy! Cool man ! )

When I DO find whats wrong, I'm going to post the results everywhere I possibly can just to spoil GE's little game of hiding the codes. Which is like you buying a car, and only the dealer can service it even though its yours..

-- David T. Raynor.: Long Island, NY
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I have a Maytag, only 2 days old. Got E1 code. pressed "Fan" 2 times, then "Mode" 1 time and it reset. I assume you have similar buttons on your air conditioner. It is usually a 3 button pattern. So if that combo doesn't work, try patterns of 3. I am not an appliance expert, but i know a bit about computers, and they often put these "soft" reset codes into the machines. Of course the companies don't like to tell them to you, they want to send a service tech over. Hope that helps.
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My God ! Can it really be that simple?:shock: I'll have to try it out and let you know.

I also noticed that the temprature probe has the insulation onone wire partially scraped or "eaten" away and the socket it plugs into in the board doesnt feel tight as if the solder might have snapped. (The covering on the probe itself is fine, just the insulation on one wire is scraped or "eaten".) The REAL shame is that this is a 10,000 BTU unit thats only 2 years old and was only used for a season and a quarter before it started popping that E-1 code.

If the soft reset doesnt do the trick, I'll pull the board, resolder the connection, run new wires from the probe and then post the results.

As a note to the operators of this message board: THANK YOU for hosting a public forum where every day people like myself can find answers.:)

When I ran into a dead end with this topic on another site, They killed the whole thread and ignored the problem like it didnt exist.

Guess the (cough) "experts" don't like being stumped or stuck for an answer.:?

---- David T. Raynor.: Long Island, NY
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If your indication is a dirty condenser coil the only way to clean it is to remome the unit from the case. 10,000 btu units usually are mounted on a base that slides in and out of the outside case. Remove the from grill, look for a handle or hand grasp to slide the guts out to inspect the coil from the inside of the condenser fan shroud.

In the past anytimeI needed to find what an error code meant it was in the manuals that came with the unit.

E1 is refering to the air filter. If turning the unit off and unplugging doesn't reset it then you probably have a PC board or sensor failure. None of these units can actually detect a dirty air filter. All it does is set a timer that turns the E1 on after what the manufactuer determines is average.

I'd check on the cost of replacing these parts before I junk a 2 year old Window AC.
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Arghh!!!I am having the exact same issue with my GE a/c (model #ASH08FD purchased last June) :(. I have tried cleaning the filter as instructed in the manual and the soft reset method mentioned above to no avail.Any new tips or discoveries?Thanks
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Had to change the PC boards on a couple of Danby window a/c's that went into that clean filter code and I could not get them to reset.

I could not get a F1 reset ether then did this. HOLD THE POWER BUTTON IN WHILE PLUGGING THE UNIT IN AT THE SAME TIME. continue TO HOLD THE POWER BUTTON IN FOR 10 SECONDS. IT WILL BEEP TWICE. That's it. This is for the ge , sharp , and other F1 code output machines :cool: .



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