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First-time poster - we're buying a new house in RI, and it's coming with a Hotpoint fridge in the basement that's still running and looks to be in very good condition. Appliance411's model/serial lookup has been unhelpful in identifying the exact age of this beast. I'd like to sell it to a good home (and not pay the electrical bills), but I need to know what it's worth first. And to do that, I need help identifying it. Anybody have a clue from these pics?

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Hotpoint front.jpgHotpoint open.jpgHotpoint serial.jpg


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Aug 24, 2004
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Interesting that you posted this thread today, I was referencing a Vintage model number this morning in another thread in this same forum about Vintage Appliances and what their worth.

And this popped up: Vintage stoves and refrigerators | Old House Web

Jowers pays an average of $150 to $300 for the un-restored appliances.
"People think they've got a $2,000 appliance, unrestored" Jowerssays. "But what they've got is a nice old appliance. And that's worth $150 to $300, even if it's been well-maintained."

I do see its starting to rust on your 3rd photo of the model/serial number plate, but your other two photos of it looks like its been well maintained. So about $300 if you sell it to Jowers.