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Help identifying model year of vintage Nash Kelvinator


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Mar 26, 2023
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Nash-Klvntr CA-R
New user here, been lurking but have never had the need to post. Please let me know if any introductions are needed and I'd be glad to make them.

I'm looking for help in determining the vintage of a Nash-Kelvinator refrigerator that I was bequeathed by my grandfather. This refrigerator served dutifully as a frosty beer fridge for three generations of my family, and on day will be passed on to the 4th.

My grandfather was an Army HVAC repairman who worked at Fort Belvoir for many decades servicing the proving ground refrigeration equipment. As part of his profession he often came across refrigeration equipment that was in disrepair and as he was also brought up in a frugal generation, he couldn't throw away good metal.

Family history is that he received this refrigerator in non-working condition from a neighbor, swapped in a 1959 hermetic compressor, and it's been working ever since. When my wife and I bought our house in 2010 it became the old reliable beer fridge again up until it began losing temperature in 2019. I was able to source some R12 locally and had the system recharged, and it holds temp and cycles as it should. I can't say for sure but it appears to be a decade's long leak as it has been holding temp. Fingers crossed.

Now that the refrigerator is back in working condition I very much like to identify its vintage. It will certainly become a conversation piece, and besides the family legacy it would be an interesting factoid to show that they don't make them like they used to.

I've searched the internet endlessly but can't find any reliable information to source the model, part, or serial number decoder. Any help identifying the vintage would be greatly appreciated!


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I just came upon one, and can not find my model/serial/ not even the badge!
I'm looking for help in determining the vintage of a Nash-Kelvinator refrigerator

Nash-Kelvinator Corporation was formed as the result of a merger between Nash Motors and Kelvinator in 1937. Nash-Kelvinator merged with Hudson Motor Car Company in 1954 to form American Motors so it is likely previous to that.

Try looking though old Kelvintor ads for a model that looks similar. The handle and product logo placement often vary from year to year.

Kelvinator ad.jpg

LINK > Kelvinator Refrigerator ads

You might also find some old books at the library showing Kelvinator products over the years.


Dan O.

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