Help Identifying/Value on Vintage Cold Wall Frigidaire Maybe 1941?


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Jun 24, 2023
Guelph, ON
Model Number

We need some assistance in identifying the model and year of this Cold Wall Frigidaire Refrigerator made by General Motors. We believe it may be a 1941 but not entirely sure.
It is all in working condition. All original other than the paint which we painted red. Keeps everything cold however needs to be defrosted a few times a year as the ice box starts to freeze.
Size approximately Height 5 feet x 32 inches width x 28 inches deep

As well, if possible, the value on the fridge. We are thinking we may sell as we don't have the room for it any more.

Thanks so much!


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Saw a white one too but it didn't say what it sold for. 1946? Red should sell for plenty even with bend and no crispers. Nice I'll give you $200 haha
Thanks…we did see these but those have a completely different freezer. We haven’t been able to find one exactly like this one.

So hoping someone had a bit more insight.
Yes, case you don't know what the meaning is, it is the capacity to gain an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of a person or thing. Or to dumb it down for you...information.

If you cannot provide that, please don't bother responding. Thank you.
We need some assistance in identifying the model and year

The model number is (was) stamped in black ink on the rear of the cabinet.

I can't identify it by appearance but it may be in the era of the model at the following link, maybe a slightly more deluxe model with extra escutcheon around the handle. That might also account for the full width freezer on yours?

The model in this ad looks to have a similar freezer:


if possible, the value on the fridge.

There is no inherent value in older appliances. They're worth whatever you can get for them. Refrigerators that have been fully restored (including an updated refrigeration system) can go for $3-$5,000.

BTW. I wouldn't expect top dollar in either case unless you have the drawers and all other shelves as well. It's pretty unlikely replacements will be found easily... or at all.

Dan O.
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Thanks! Appreciate the help with this. We didn't realize there was supposed to have additional shelves in there. And figured it was a bit more valuable if it was kept somewhat original.
Your more deluxe model probably had 2 drawers at the bottom instead of just the one in the model shown below, plus numerous other shelves.


Someone might be interested in turning it it into a kegulator (they don't need many shelves) but likely wouldn't spend a fortune on it.

It appears to be a 1942 or '46 model. Sorry for the poor quality of the photos but I hope you can make them out.


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