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Help my dryer won't heat and timer won't work

Heather Shipman

Premium Member
Sep 9, 2014
Mulberry, Fl
Model Number
I have an Amana dryer that has worked great for this last year. We recently moved and had to change it from a 3 prong to a 4 prong plug. After doing this the heat wouldn't work and the timer won't work. We have checked everything with a multimeter and it all reads right. Just installed a brand new timer and still nothing. Heating element looks fine. Please help.
Ok, lets make sure your 4 prong power cord wires are connected to your dryer's terminal block properly.

The Black and Red always go on the sides of the terminal block, corresponding with the side ones of the dryer cord. The middle dryer cord wire always goes to the white middle of the dryer terminal block. Green connects to your cabinet.

Here is some photo's here to help: http://www.american-appliance.com/service_pages/electric_dryer_cord.htm

I couldn't find any model number but this one W10416486, it was on a back access panel. There isn't one on the front door jam or on the side panel. I have checked the wires and the red and black are on the sides of the terminal and the green is attached to the cabinet, there is a white one in the middle that is attached to the middle of the terminal but I also have a small white wire that is coming from the dryer itself that I have attached also to the middle of the terminal, should I take it off or just leave it. It will tumble and that is all, timer still isn't working and neither is the heat.
Yes, the white wire is neutral, that should be in the middle of the terminal block.

I will need the model number to help you further, W10416486 is not a model number. Open the dryer door, the model number tag should be there.

Jake is there anywhere else that it could be. The only thing on the inside of door is the warning sticker. There isn't a model number located anywhere that I can see. I purchased this dryer from an Aaron's rent to own
I don't know what to tell you Heather, but without a model number we are dead in the water, I'm sorry.


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