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Help! Neptune MAH5500BWW ???


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Sep 2, 2007
I bought a used Maytag Neptune w/d model #'s MDE4000/MAH4000 yesterday and the washer is already leaking!! UGH! :mad: The salesman says he can trade it for a MAH5500BWW model serial # B2950204ET. Can someone tell me how old this washer is and whether or not this is a good deal?? I was originally told that the MAH4000AWQ washer was 1-3 years old but after some searching it appears that it's really 8 years old. Is this correct? :confused:
I appreciate all the assistance you can give me. We were trying to save some money by buying used but I've already got "buyer remorse" and I'm wishing we had just bought NEW!
I look forward to your promt responses!:eek: