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Help with wall Oven Kenmore 790.42003605 beeping


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Oct 2, 2022
Model Number
Sears Kenmore
6-10 years
Good Evening:

I'm kind of new to the forum - and posting because of course I have a question that I need to ask those more knowledgeable than me. I'm ok with a volt meter, and not afraid to take something apart to diagnose. First - thanks for the help I can use the help of those in the know.

I have a Kenmore double wall oven 790.42003605 which works just fine, but has a component on its way out (I think). The oven works perfectly fine, except that once I bring it to temperature, it is constantly turning on and off, bringing itself back to the set temperature, and beeping when it hits that temperature. This occurs probably once every minute or two. I made chicken thighs tonight, and they cooked for an hour or so and I wanted to kill myself by the time they were done with putting up with the beeping. However they cooked correctly in the time I set it to. I also noticed that (for example) tonight I set it to 350. The digital display will show the temperatures 295, then 300, then 330, then 350 and beep. You can also hear the oven click on and off, and watch the analog gauges move up and down. Then a minute or two later will do the same thing.

I guess I have a few questions - am I talking a bad temperature sensor, or a bad control board? I was going to pull off the cover to the oven just to see what control board I would be looking at and study the inner workings, but am not sure how I would get those analog gauges off (do they pop off or something, or does the control panel come off, leaving them in place?)

I see there's two screws underneath it once you open the top oven door. I assume you take the knobs off and then I can have a look.

Anyone ever see this kind of behavior? My concerns are that I'm doing Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's dinners this year (not to mention cookies) and I'm wondering if I will be crazy with the beeping or have a a dead oven?

Anyway, I appreciate any help or guidance in getting at the components, and what I should be looking at doing.

Hi Joe,

It sounds like you're having the same issue as in these threads:

Your model uses that exact same temperature control.

318601500 Control

I could not locate the service manual to access it, but Rick explains it here:

Make sure you disconnect power to your double oven first!

It kind of does - I was reading those too. I talked to a local appliance guy and he said what I thought too that its normal for the oven to be turning on and off to come back to temperature, it just should only beep the first time and not subsequent times.

Like tonight I used it to warm some stuff up, and it acted perfectly normal so I'm not sure if anything has gone bad, or its in the process of going bad. Maybe I'll try resetting the oven and see how it acts, but this is certainly not the first time its acted up on me so I'm sure at some point I will be digging into it.

If anyone has a service manual for this thing, or how it comes apart I'd appreciate it.
it just should only beep the first time and not subsequent times.
That's exactly right, you should not keep hearing it beeping like that ALL the time when the oven is on. That would drive me crazy too. LOL


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