Hey experts - can u help? comfortmaker central air ?? Easy 1 I promise


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Mar 24, 2006
Hi folks
I have a 2 story house with dedicated units for up and downstairs - it is nice to have 2. My question is, the vents are divided among the rooms in an uneven manner. Downstairs has no rooms and it is not an issue. Upstairs, master bedroom gets way too much heat or a/c and the other rooms suffer. So I go in the attic and I see what appears to be a furnace and it has a hiuge intake side and it connects to what looks like a big box with 3 outlets.....each one appears about 10 inches in diameter or so.....I can even tell which one heads to the secondary beds, which one heads to the loft and which one heads to the master. NOW, finally the question, how do I adjust the flow from one to the other?? I saw no external valve or adjustment....could it be that the vents simply are such that the ones with less distance and greater diameter have more flow....is the box where the vents split off simply a chamber where air goes in whatever direction there is less resistance?? By the way, the unit that has a name states comfortmaker.....Thanks in advance folks.