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Hey Jake!- I didn't see where I could send direct messages


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May 16, 2023
Washington, DC
Hi Jake,

I wanted to get your thoughts and permission before promoting myself here since I'm your guest.

I applied one of my hobbies to design and manufacture my own refrigerator repair parts that were discontinued years ago.

Several weeks ago, on a whim, I listed my extra set of parts on ebay. Since then I helped several dozen people that had my exact same problem. I'm getting thank-you notes from people!

I'm keeping my day job, but I am seeing if I can evolve my hobby into a side hustle. I'm a one-person operation doing everything - 3d design, manufacturing, promotion, sales, and order fulfillment.

With your permission I would like to promote two things:
  1. Replying to other members' messages when I have a repair kit that would work. I have an answer for this one right now:
    LRFC25750ST LG Refrigerator - Freezer Door Handle
  2. Solicit ideas from other members for potential new repair kit offerings. Perhaps I can manufacture a replacement if they have no means to replace it.
Please let me know what you think.


Hi Richard,

Another person mentioned that back in 2013:

I'm not familiar with how 3D printing of No Longer Available appliance parts works.
Thank you for your reply, Jake.

2013 is an early adopter of 3d printing. I have had mine since 2019. I just set up my third printer a few weeks ago to keep up with demand.

I designed two parts myself and have sold over 60 sets of repair kits in the past five weeks. I luckily stumbled upon this because I initially only sought to repair my own handles.

That said, I only have my own refrigerator as an example. I'm sure that other appliance owners have a need for discontinued parts. I'm looking to expand my product line.

I have a GE profile range and advantium microwave whose handles have been replaced multiple times. That may be my next endeavour.



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